A Difficult Person Test by Dr Steven Hendlin

The Difficult Person Test actually does what it states on the tin, identifies whether you’re a difficult person by requiring you to take a series of psychological and personality tests designed to gauge your level of social skills. These tests were designed by researchers for the specific purpose of helping to determine the suitability of potential employers with regard to their open positions. It is a tool used in the employment process as it helps determine whether or not you have the required skills for the job. It is also used to help determine if you’re honest and truthful, as well as your decision-making abilities. Essentially the test helps make employers aware of any possible traits that might put them at risk whilst hiring a new employee.

What Is The Difficult Person Test?

The Difficult Person Test is a shortened name for a series of psychological tests designed to assess the levels of your personality. These tests measure many aspects of personality, including emotional intelligence, conscientiousness, and personality. These tests look to see if you have the ability to handle tough situations, are compassionate, and are self-reliant. They also assess if you have the necessary skills for a successful manager or team player. Basically, the tests will ask you questions pertaining to yourself and others. The questions are designed to assess how tough you may be as a person, and also assess how well you can handle the different kinds of people around you.

Difficult Person Test Result
Difficult Person Test Result

How To Prepare For The Difficult Person Test?

Review the eBook

In order to prepare for the Difficult Person Test, you must prepare both intellectually and emotionally. In order to prepare intellectual questions, you should review the previous sections of this eBook. Whilst reviewing the contents of the eBook you will discover information regarding how personality traits factor into job qualification and job opportunity. Additionally, you will learn about the differences between agreeing to disagree, flexibility, reliability, adaptability, and assertiveness.

Learn about the symptoms of personality disorders

Furthermore, when preparing for the Difficult Person Test you must learn about the symptoms of personality disorders. These include mood swings, poor judgment, constant questioning, and unstable relationships. To complete the quizzes you must read the sections on each trait individually. Once you have finished reading the entire eBook you can then go to the quiz section and answer the questions in the style of a typical IQ test. There are three sections that each contain a set of quizzes which are all based on specific characteristics that relate to one or more of the traits described in the entire eBook.

A Youtuber try the Difficult Person Test

What Are In The eBook?

These tests were created by a team of researchers who wanted to find out what exactly makes some people more intelligent than others. After creating the eBook they realized that it was a very effective test in detecting personality traits that could help people who are applying for jobs. They decided to launch a quiz that would allow the general public to take the test and find out their true intelligence level. It did not take long for the eBook to go viral. People were talking about it and reading it on blogs and social media sites within days.

How to spot a person who is not honest

In the eBook, the authors cover everything you need to know about the seven traits including how to spot a person who is not honest, how to know if someone has low self-esteem, how to recognize callousness, how to get along with those who have different personalities, how to be manipulative, and how to be unfaithful. In the eBook, the authors also cover information on how to identify the traits of Machiavellian personality dysfunction. The book covers everything you need to know about the traits and how to use them in your life to be successful. If you have a job and you don’t feel that you are getting the respect that you deserve because of certain traits you might want to consider taking the test.

How to identify the personality traits

One trait that the author focuses on and tests in this eBook is how to identify the personality traits that mean you’re a narcissist. These are traits that basically mean that you believe in only yourself and are not concerned about others. These include callousness, aggressiveness, and manipulativeness. If you possess one or more of these traits you will definitely need to take the personality test that is available on ClickBank. These tests are designed to be used by anyone who has concerns about their character. If you’ve ever wondered if you have a personality disorder then you can find out through the narcissistic personality test.

How to deal with personality disorders

The book concludes with a review of three books that deal with how to deal with personality disorders. One book focuses on how to disagree strongly while remaining calm. Another deals with how to strongly agree with someone while being unable to disagree with them. The last book focuses on how to strongly disagree with someone while being unable to strongly agree with them. If you’re having problems dealing with a difficult person then you might want to consider taking The Difficult Person Test.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

Difficult Person Test – IDRlabs

The IDRlabs Difficult Person Test (IDR-DPT) was developed by IDRlabs. The IDR-DPT is based on the work of Dr. Chelsea Sleep, Ph.D. and her colleagues, who researched the structure of antagonism. The IDR-DPT is not associated with any specific researchers in the field of personality psychology, psychopathology, or any affiliated research institutions.

Source: https://www.idrlabs.com/difficult-person/test.php

Have You Taken the Difficult Person Test?

Most of us shrugged off the questions — the answers seemed pretty obvious. And yet everyone got slightly different results. While the majority (including myself) scored on the “easy to get along with” side, I was struck by how we each had different ranges of the seven traits highlighted:

  1. Callousness
  2. Grandiosity
  3. Aggressiveness
  4. Suspicion
  5. Manipulativeness
  6. Dominance
  7. Risk-taking

Source: https://hbr.org/2021/03/have-you-taken-the-difficult-person-test

What is The Difficult Person Test on TikTok? Quiz by Idrlabs

You can find many personality tests online which offer useful insights. But, not all of them are based on science. The difficult person quiz by IDRLabs is based on heavily steeped in research and scientific principle. As compared to other fun tests, it is a personality test based on some scientific research.

Source: https://socialcomputingjournal.com/difficult-person-test-on-tiktok/

Difficult Person Test. The Most Reliable 2021 Personality Quiz

According to FFM, personality is a set of five traits, openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. And a difficult person is one who has lower levels of agreeableness compared to others. Such a person might be sufficient in other four factors.

However, an antagonist (as a psychological term) refers to a person who lacks most of the said five traits. The Psychology Dictionary defines it as “The thwarter of another individual, using adversary action.”

Online DPTs sometimes use the two terms interchangeably. But that is wrong. A Complicated or unfriendly character does not necessarily match antagonistic characteristics.

Source: https://www.quizexpo.com/difficult-person-test/