A Case of Honduran Smugglers Smuggled Into the U.S. Via Craigslist Houston

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A Recent Case

Brief info

A recent case involved a Honduran citizen who paid $12,000 to get into the U.S., via a car in Houston. The driver drove from Houston to McAllen, picking up two people in the trunk, and receiving payments of $2,000 from an unknown person. The woman was picked up in Atlanta after paying Osborn $12,000 to smuggle two Hondurans into the U.S.

Police said Osborn, from Houston, drove to McAllen, Texas, and picked up two Hondurans in the car’s trunk. When Osborn told the Border Patrol about the smugglers, he told them he was paying them $2,000 each and said he only accepted the offer after receiving an offer from Craigslist. The Honduran citizen paid $12,000 to smuggle the two men into the U.S. after receiving a car rental through Craigslist and was taken to Atlanta to be processed by the Customs and Border Protection.

Detailed incident

The Honduran citizen reportedly paid $12,000 to be smuggled into the U.S. in a car that was listed on Craigslist Houston. She was subsequently flown to Atlanta and taken to a criminal court. The Hondurans were deported to Honduras. The Honduran was detained by the police and charged with drug crimes. Eventually, she paid Osborn to take her into the U.S. for $12,000 and he was taken to jail in Georgia.

Osborn admitted to smuggling two Honduran citizens into the U.S. by driving from Houston to McAllen and picking up two Hondurans in the trunk. She was paid $2,000 to smuggle the Honduran citizen into the U.S., and the Honduran citizen was taken to Atlanta. Fortunately, the man was able to get into the country legally.

The Honduran citizen paid $12,000 for a car on Craigslist Houston. In one case, she was taken to Atlanta, Georgia, where she was arrested. The Honduran national had already paid an additional $8,000 for a vehicle in exchange for a car. The smuggled passengers were later transported to a hospital in Houston and were later deported. In one case, an individual posted an advertisement on Craigslist Houston and then got a job.

One Honduran citizen paid $12,000 for a car in Houston. The driver told the Border Patrol he drove from Houston to McAllen and picked up two Honduran citizens in his trunk. He allegedly told authorities that he travelled from Houston to McAllen and received payments of $2,000 from an unknown person. The alleged scammer, a Honduran citizen, had paid Osborn for a car on Craigslist for a month.

The Honduran citizen paid $12,000 for a car on Craigslist in Houston and was taken to Atlanta. Her arrest is a result of the smuggled Honduran citizen’s ad on Craigslist in Houston. The money was reportedly used to smuggle illegal immigrants to the U.S., and it was eventually traced to an unidentified man.


After receiving an offer for a vehicle on Craigslist Houston, he decided to drive to McAllen to pick up two Honduran citizens. He picked them up in the trunk of his car and took them to Atlanta. Osborn also said that he was driving from Houston to McAllen, picking up two Honduran citizens in the trunk of the car. He paid $12,000 to smuggle them into the U.S. and was taken to Atlanta, where the other Honduran citizen was arrested.