How Online Casinos in New Zealand Use Digital Marketing to Drive Business Growth

In New Zealand, there are just six land-based casinos. As a result, there are still lots of unmet demands. Quickly seizing this chance, New Zealand’s online casinos now offer players a large selection of thrilling and enjoyable casino games. As a result, there are more online casinos in the nation.

The high level of competition has necessitated the use of digital marketing techniques as operators try to lure new players and retain existing ones.  Online marketing is a crucial component of operating online casinos, which well-known casino operators have effectively used to remain competitive.

Online casinos with solid digital marketing strategies perform better in New Zealand. Nearly all of the leading brands in the country understand and harness the power of digital marketing.

Click here to see a list of the best online casinos in New Zealand. Many of them welcome new customers with bonuses, one of the most effective marketing tools in the iGaming space.

Here, you will learn some of the digital marketing techniques applied by Kiwi casino sites.

Social Media

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Today’s iGaming organizations maintain multiple active social media profiles and utilize them as an advertising platform. The goal is to both market their services and interact with a large number of potential clients.

Businesses can contact people outside of their existing customer base by using Facebook ads. Online gaming businesses use Facebook’s Lookalike targeting function to compile a list of individuals who share the same interests and inclinations as their current clients. This enables them to produce more effective adverts.

Since only those over the age of 18 or 21 may access online casinos, marketing teams spend more time on sites like Facebook that cater to adults.

Content Marketing

To target a precisely defined audience, online casinos produce valuable and pertinent content. Many have blogs and FAQ sections to encourage more reader interaction. Additionally, content marketing teaches new clients how to get started.

One of the most important elements for generating free traffic and leads is good content. To distribute their content, many online casino businesses, have partnered with casino review websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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In gaming domains, non-branded keywords now provide the majority of traffic. 100 percent of the traffic on several casino websites is not branded.  Poker, mega, Lotto, lottery, and other similar terms are some of the most popular non-branded keywords.

Companies try to employ highly competitive keywords, which have an impact on the website’s SEO. The mission is to increase their chances of appearing on the first search engine results page when their products and services are searched by interested parties.

Additionally, SEO aids in the comprehension of user interest and intent, which operators can then employ to develop useful and relevant content.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a particular kind of marketing technique where online casino products are advertised to generate commissions. Affiliate marketing is regarded as a low-cost, high-converting marketing strategy.

Affiliate networks connect businesses with websites that are prepared to advertise a company’s products in exchange for a set fee. Typically, online casino companies pay a small fee each time a user accesses their websites or clicks on an ad.

Other Online casinos have partnered with sites that offer details on local casinos and games.

Mobile Apps

Since mobile devices account for about 70 percent of all web traffic, several casino websites are using apps to interact with visitors. Players can buy tickets for their preferred games online and instantly gain access to entertaining e-games without the need to leave their homes.

Additionally, casinos use mobile app notifications to draw customers in by informing them of time-limited deals and sold-out events.  With the app, it’s simpler for you to enjoy the entire experience because you can use their phones to reserve tables, request directions, and book rooms.

User Management

Today’s consumers expect more than just products. Additionally, they require businesses that can appeal to their emotions. Online casinos apply a number of metrics to assess their standing in the online market.

Operators can rework their marketing strategy to engage consumers on the platforms by simply understanding the amount of time and money spent during peak hours on their website.

Bonuses and Promotions

To encourage new players, the majority of online casinos provide welcome bonuses and promos. This is a useful tactic you can employ to draw visitors to your website.

Making your customers feel special and distinct can be done by using strategies like free sign-ups, displaying your wins, and weekly bonuses.

The online market appears to be booming, and this will continue into the future, despite the fact that the traditional sector has suffered greatly over the previous two years. Online casinos will continue to expand and draw in more customers, thanks to digital marketing technology trends.

You can develop effective promotional campaigns that produce unique content for each customer.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

To achieve its marketing objectives, the online gaming sector has been utilizing AI. When artificial intelligence is incorporated into online casino sites through chatbots, it increases player support. In turn, this helps improve the player’s overall experience

Additionally, by mimicking human speech, AI automated systems provide useful, customized experiences in a relevant context. AI also aids online casinos in reducing instances of fraud and cheating.

Email Marketing

Establishing an email database is another economical method for promoting an online casino. Utilizing email newsletters makes it simpler to connect with customers. This approach to business promotion is simple.

The only thing you have to do is to build an email list. For instance, you can utilize your blog, special forms, guest posts, pop-up offers, registration or subscription signup forms, and other website features to request readers to provide their email addresses.

To inform your customers about exclusive discounts, new games, and in-game activities, you can send out regular newsletters directly to their email inboxes. You can also remind your customers about important events regularly via email.


Casinos are using digital marketing, from mobile apps to social media, to strengthen relationships with customers, boost engagement, and build brand loyalty.

The quantity of users that come to the website to play games or make bets is what determines the success of every online casino. As such, digital marketing strategies are essential to the online gaming industry.