Old Grannies: An Interesting Trend On Social Media Platforms

What Are Old Grannies?

Many of my friends have been known to enjoy watching old ladies doing all sorts of crazy things, over the internet. In fact, many of them are more into “Old Granny Clips” which are some funny clips from the video era that have gained popularity in recent years. Yes, this platform isn’t just confined to teenagers making eye-catching and trendy videos. One such group of old grannies is the Old Grannies.

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Why Do Social Media Users Like Old Granny Clips?

There are many people who are into Old Granny Clips, which are some hilarious videos that can entertain and amuse many people. One such group of old grannies is from Tik Tok, formerly known as, Tokyo. Their YouTube account has hundreds of fans. There are even some old grannies who like to post some of their memes on their social media profiles. From their numerous profiles, you can easily find funny, entertaining, and old grandma-humor memes.

It is not surprising that this kind of video went viral in a few days. Many people love to watch old grannies doing cute things. It is actually one of the top searches in Google no matter what niche the query is in. The same is true about YouTube, when YouTube is mentioned, many people think of cats or puppies. This kind of video is indeed a big hit on YouTube.

Some Outstanding Clips About Old Grannies

One funny Old Granny Clips that has been commented on by several users is about the infamous “Chanukah Ha’azi”. The name may not be familiar to everyone but most internet users already know it. This clip, which is already one of the top Memes of all time, shows one elderly Japanese woman (her granddaughter) pricking an old man with her hairpin. The caption reads: “She’s so cute! And she’s a lovable old grandma too!”

This famous clip was featured on one of Google’s social media platforms. As you can expect, there were a lot of comments and many people were amused by the sight. Another popular Old Grandma Funny Video is one that features a Chinese grandmother taking a picture of her grandson, kicking his socks, and pinning him to the ground. The caption reads: “My grandson is so naughty. I need some help finding a good way to punish him.”

So, What Kind Of Response Did These Funny Old Grandpa Videos Get?

Well, it appears that this particular trend has caught on in a big way, and many people are laughing over the fact that their grandfathers are pranking them now. Others are simply disgusted that they are being made fun of in this way. Some just think that old granny should be left alone. Even so, there are still plenty of people finding the trend funny and discussing it on Twitter. The question is, will it last?

As Google Trends shows, many people are talking about it now, but only a small percentage of them are actually following the link to see what the fuss is all about. It is also interesting to note that as the number of people who search for old grannies using the domain’s search engine increases, so does the number of explicit photos of elderly people. No one knows for sure why this trend has caught on.


Many experts believe that this could have a lot to do with Google’s new age limit for content. Others believe it has something to do with the increased prominence of YouTube in everyone’s daily life. Whatever the reason, the rise of old grannies on social media platforms like MySpace and Facebook is certainly a story worth watching. Will we soon witness the rise of Google Memos? If so, we could be in for quite the Google Memo generation. Either way, watch these old grannies, you might just get a laugh out of them!

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