Private Number Plates On Company Cars

When you see a car bearing a private number plate, you will most likely pause and have a look. The registration plate might be displaying someone’s name, like J3 NNY, or might be promoting a business like a plumber can with the plate being FIX T4PS. You might be wondering how much business you can drum up for your business by using private plates on the company cars. There are both pros and cons, so you need to know them before you can decide on that.

Private Number Plates

Advantage: They are good for advertising your business

One of the best free forms of advertising is to use a private registration for your company vehicle. You have to spend some money on getting the number plate, but that is a one-off payment that you have to pay, but it is going to promote your business for many years to come. When your company car is parked or driven, people are going to see the number plate, both pedestrians and motorists. One of the best ways to get your brand in front of thousands of people daily is to invest in a registration. It is a good way to advertise your business without having to spend much. If you want to start using a private number plate to promote your business, make sure you go through the reg plates for sale so you can choose the best one.

Disadvantage: Limited Reach When Advertising

The downside is that it isn’t possible to get the exact same private number plate for all the company vehicles because plates are one-offs. This means you can only use one number plate tying with your company and the industry on only one vehicle. If you are running a small business, then a distinctive number plate will prove to be a great marketing tool in your local area, but it loses its appeal when it comes to reaching customers further afield. 

Advantage: Helps in Preventing Vehicle Theft

When you have a private number plate that is attached to a company vehicle, it will be easily recognizable and the vehicle becomes more distinctive. A private registration plate is going to help deter criminals and prevent theft. Having such a plate is going to help you avoid losing your vehicle to theft. If the vehicle is stolen, there is a higher chance of getting it back compared to a vehicle that doesn’t have a private plate.

Disadvantage: There Are Times When the Private Plates become Unsophisticated and Backfire

Private plates can help in promoting the business, but it is important to make sure you have chosen the right personal registration. Let’s say you have chosen a given private plate because it is a joke. You find it funny and you think that is a good way to attract new customers, but not all people are going to take that joke the same way; it is hard for everyone to get and like the joke. If someone sees the joke and doesn’t find it funny, it is hard for them to choose your business. This is why it is best to stay away from unsophisticated number plates. 

Advantage: It Can Be Used for Consistent Brand Awareness

While it is not possible to use the number plate for more than one car, you can use it in making the vehicles unform. Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a couple of cars, using stickers and decals to promote the business is a good way to advertise your business. when you have the private number plate on your car consistent with the design and wording of the signs on the other vehicles, you are going to create uniformity, which is going to make your cars look more professional. This is going to work well for your business.