Top 20 Quality Websites to Get Backlinks

For those who are developing own websites or basically working in the SEO field, backlink is considered as a determinant that pushes your pages to the Top 1 on Google Search Engine.

So, on this page, you can see a number of websites with detailed information showing their niche (Topic/Field), integral metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), DR (Domain Rating), and Traffic along with a sample of an existing article published on the corresponding website.

Boost Your Ranking

“As confirmed by Google in 2016, backlinks are one of the top three major ranking factors for websites. In addition to improving your organic search engine ranking, backlinks generate targeted referral traffic and help search engines index your web pages more quickly”

Quality Websites to Get Backlinks
Top 20 Quality Websites

4 Easy Steps to Make an Order to Get Backlinks

4 Easy Steps to Get Backlinks

First, please take a look at our table above including the necessary info that you need to evaluate website value.

Step 2 – Send Us an Email for Quotation

Secondly, because the price can be changed after some time (seldom), higher or lower, please email us to make sure that you will get the latest rate with discount and coupon info.

Step 3 – Waiting for the Live Link

After we reach an agreement regarding all conditions including Price, TAT, article’s requirements,… What you need is to prepare your own plagiarism-free article or the details for link insertion to existing articles.

Normally, it takes us approximate 30 minutes to several hours, generally within 24h to get your link live on our websites.

Step 4 – Payment Terms

Payment can be made after your live link.

  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Acceptance period: Within 24h

Please make sure that payment should be made within 24h. Otherwise, your link can be temporarily removed until the payment is received. (We can accept payment within 48h for old clients)

Best Writing Service – SEO Friendly Articles

writing service
Writing Service

Apart from guest posts and link insertions, we also offer a Writing Service for those who are busy with their business, have no time to prepare articles, or who need high-quality, hand-written articles from our team.

You Need to Tell Us

  • A topic or a specific title that you want, such as “Machine Learning” or “Top 5 Applications of Machine Learning in 2021”
  • Your targeted link with anchor text

About Our Article Written by Us

  • Minimum length: 750 words (Depend on your requirement)
  • Plagiarism free
  • Well-researched article
  • Informative and creative content
  • Headings, Subheading Usage
  • SEO optimized content following SEO standards like (Keyword featured in Heading, Subheading, alt of images, keyword density, etc)

Smart Tip Not Everyone Know to Get Backlinks at Where You Want

Smart Tip

Google Algorithm is often updated with brand new and convenient searching structures for us to find the most suitable content on any website. And from my perspective, here is one of the most useful tips to do this task: + Targeted Keyword

For example, to find health-related articles/pages on, you can use this structure: health

And, below is the result:

Hopefully, this trick can lend you a hand in getting powerful backlinks along with your compelling piece of content then boost your website ranking in a short time.