What Are The Functions Of An Employment Agency Scarborough?

Understanding Employment Scarborough Agency Workers

Many job seekers use agencies to connect with employees. The employment agency Scarborough connects you with the hiring organization that employs you temporarily. These companies seek temporary employees after their employees go on holidays, take leaves, or during the peak season when there is more work.

Employment Agency Scarborough

When an agency hires you, they are responsible for assigning you tasks and directing you on how to work. Employment agencies are also called recruitment agencies, temporary work agencies, or employment businesses. Job seekers using these firms to find employment do not pay unless they work in the entertainment or modeling industries. However, always ensure you check with the jobs agency Scarborough terms and conditions before committing to working with them.

1. What The Agencies Do

Once you apply for a vacancy with the agency, they give a piece of detailed information on the type of contract you will get from the hiring company and your salary. You have the right to bargain on the wages, and you can also decline offers that don’t satisfy your expectations.

Once you sign the contract with the agency, they should give you a statement showing all the work terms. If the terms do not align with what you want, you can also turn down the offer and seek elsewhere.

2. What The Agency Does Once You Get The Work

The agency must ensure you are qualified and suitable for the position. The qualifications include the relevant experience for the post, and they should also offer training for a period. They will also ask you to provide your criminal record in some jobs to ensure you have your records straight.

The agency will employ you if you qualify for the position. They will then give all the details concerning the hiring organization, like their name and the nature of the business. They will also advise you on your start date, and the period you will work for the organization. These details should also be in the job descriptions to make the applicants aware before applying.

The agency gives you information on the position and type of work you will be entitled to. They will tell you your work location and the number of working hours in a day or a week.

The employee should know all the risks to health and safety connected to the work and be trained on how to stay safe and protect themselves. Besides, the employment company should provide insurance to protect you from these risks and any other protective measures like safety shoes and helmets.

The agency should tell you the pay rate and any other benefits offered by the agency or the hiring company. You will also know if you are eligible to claim any expenses. The law requires the agencies to present this information to the candidates by writing or through emails to reference any of the agreements that are broken.

3. Will You Pay Any Fees?

Agencies connect job seekers with employees for free. They get their wages from the recruiting company, which pays them using a percentage of the employee’s salary. However, some agencies in the modeling and entertainment industries charge a fee. Job seekers are therefore advised to ask the agency before working with them. Besides, the agencies offer extra services at a cost. They could be helping the job seeker write their resume, training courses, and accommodation.

An agency that charges an extra fee on any additional service should not pressure you to get the service or pay or fail to serve you if you don’t buy the service. They should also not mistreat you if you don’t sign up for their extra services because this is punishable by law.

4. Agencies Use Umbrella Companies

Some agencies use umbrella companies to process your paperwork and salaries. In this case, the umbrella company acts as the employer, and the agency is its client. This umbrella company sends your invoice to the employment agency to get your pay and uses the PAYE system to get the correct deductions from your salary. However, you should receive the agreed price after making all the deductions. The umbrella company also charges an extra fee to you or the recruitment agency. This depends on whom they are working for.