Corporate Secretary Service: How It Can Help You?

Corporate secretaries play a critical role in the company’s communication with all government and regulatory authorities. Your corporate secretary will help your company to comply with the legal requirements.

The corporate secretary of any company solves all administrative issues and tasks related to compliance with the requirements and the law. Failure to comply with legal regulations can lead to serious consequences for the company. Therefore, it is important that your corporate secretary has the necessary licenses, skills, and technical capabilities to perform these functions.

With corporate secretarial services, you will be able to find a competent team of highly qualified professionals capable of performing administrative tasks in the role of your corporate secretary.

Lack of specialists in the field of corporate law, narrow specialization, the specifics of the functions of the corporate secretary. The degree of their importance and severe administrative responsibility. This is an incomplete list of reasons why several business owners turn to corporate secretarial services.

The corporate secretary service has recently become a part of top management. And, this specialist is the focal point for shareholders, investors and managing managers.

In the absence of a reliable company secretary who is able to cope with the task. You can spend a lot of time and money independently monitoring the compliance of your company. With all the requirements established by the regulatory authorities.

With corporate secretarial services, you do not need to waste time and effort. The service providers guarantee an effective solution to your corporate issues. So, that you can get more time and focus on other important business processes and the development of your company.

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The scope of the Corporate Secretary services includes:

  • Preparation of documents and (or) holding general meetings of shareholders/participants, meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Improvement of the system of distribution and control of powers of the management bodies of the organization.
  • Consulting on corporate law and management issues.
  • Checking the legality of the actions of the governing bodies.
  • Pre-trial settlement of corporate conflicts (between participants/shareholders and the Company)
  • Establishing control over transactions, protecting company assets.

Applying for the service of a corporate secretary allows Clients to:

  • Reduce the cost of project implementation due to the absence of the need to pay salaries to an employee. Who does not always meet professional requirements;
  • Protect property rights with correctly drawn up documents;
  • Increase the investment attractiveness of the company;
  • Achieve a reduction in the time it takes to complete tasks thanks to the experience of consultants and the use of specialized equipment, including software.

The corporate secretary services help in performing many tasks that are not always possible to delegate to a full-time employee. 

Advantages of consulting corporate secretarial services:

  • Rich experience in the field of corporate law;
  • A close-knit team of specialists with the proper level of qualifications;
  • Focus on long-term cooperation.

The main duties of the corporate secretary are:

  • Planning, holding, and participating in meetings of the board of directors and committees. As well as taking minutes of their meetings;
  • Holding a general meeting of shareholders of the company, counting votes and taking minutes of the meeting;
  • Management of key corporate documents and decisions (board of directors and shareholders);
  • Accounting for the company’s shareholders (information on the number of shares owned by shareholders. Information on transactions with the company’s shares, updating the register of shareholders, etc.);
  • Compliance with information disclosure requirements and other requirements of legislation, regulator, and/or exchange.
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Most often, freelance secretaries work from home or telework. This means that they are qualified and already trained in their own material and therefore do not need to “get their hands on” what is already on offer. In addition, experts note that independent secretaries are most often professionals with several years of experience and know their field. Who, by virtue of their independent function, is used to dealing with a large number of clients, which means that the independent secretary knows several methods. Therefore intervene in several ways in order to satisfy her client.

Also, an independent secretary, in order to be able to honour your contract, commits in terms of deadline but also confidentiality. Indeed, she has no interest in being late and as a professional she must keep the information learned to herself. Most of the time, you can also see a confidentiality clause at the bottom of the estimate but you can also ask for it and see with the independent secretary to be sure that your deadlines will be respected.

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