10 + Tools and Applications for Seo Link Builders

In simple term, Link building refers to the linkage of sites to each other to spawn more traffic. This is usually carried out by businesses to advance their standings on search engines. This procedure has been crucial for search engine optimization. However, with a Free SEO course, one can learn various latest techniques of Search engine optimization as the old adopted techniques have been reformed lately.

The world has gone digital and gathering traffic for sites has taken a new turn. With the aid of technology, a link-building paradigm can aid you to achieve more effective traffic on your site.

What Are Link-Building Tools?

Link Building Tool is software that examines, gathers, and gives information on link-building prospects for a web platform and delivers a crossing point that is usable for garnering promotions to secure associated links. This software helps to track and make viable scrutiny of competing brands.

Modern link-builder software supports link digging, influencing, screening, and exploration. This article is focused on the top 10 link-builder software. Enjoy!

tool and applications for link builders

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a resourceful SEO instrument to steer backlinks with powerful link-builder competencies. It uses a unique tool to discover link-tracking openings, evaluate and make explorations.

Besides, SEMrush is packed with lots of extra expedient features which require a premium plan. Hence, provides an enhanced feature than conventional link-builder software.

2. Majestic

This is yet another great software that offers a broad link-tracking service to meet clients’ corporate goals. It can discern backlink projections for your site and helps to examine the outlines.

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In addition, majestic has a distinctive quality that determines inbound hyperlinks centred on a location on a webpage. There are several other SEO functions it can perform.

3. VeePN

VeePN is a highly encrypted VPN service. It’s no secret what a VPN is. What many don’t know is that it’s also an incredibly useful link-building app. VPN is available for any operating system, as well as for browsers. You can make Mozilla VPN download or for any other browser to start fully enjoying all the features. A big plus of VeePN VPN is that you can use your account simultaneously on 10 devices.

The first useful feature of VPN for link building is the unblocking of sites and web resources. Often at work, you may encounter that the site you need is closed due to geolocation. VPN changes your virtual IP address, opening access to the website you need.

The second useful feature of VPN is anonymity in the network. Your online traces are hidden by military-grade encryption. No one, not even your ISP, will be able to track what you were doing online. VPN will allow you to track your competitors and not get caught.

Thirdly, VeePN VPN does not store data. The no-logs policy guarantees you that everything you did on the Internet will remain only with you.

4. Linkody

Linkody is a modest link-trailing and inbound link examination gizmo that offers SEO services. It scrutinizes in-bound links and bars corrupt links.

Even though this application only offers limited search engine optimization services, it surely offers a good value for money. You can try out its cost-free trial package and see if you can bank on it.

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5. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a specific link-tracking tool for companies and bigger brands. It helps to locate and link with major brand marketers and promoters within your circle.

Its linkage with other Search engine optimization platforms makes it a resourceful software. The linking paradigm makes it easy to gather apparatus for examining backlinks. Pitchbox only has a premium package, and it is worth the price.

6. Ahrefs

Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs is a platform that offers lots of SEO services beyond link-tracking. Moreover, it gives larger scrutiny to backlink vetting. It categorises web pages based on progression from your web link. Such analysis provides more reliable results on web pages that generate a greater amount of backlinks, to enable you to imitate the same stratagem for others.

7. BuzzStream

An alternative software that provides SEO operations is BuzzStream. It runs an operational link-trailing promotion that proffers task organisation aptitudes to the trail and analyses the involvement of your operations. Furthermore, it locates promoters and helps you team up with them.

8. JustReachOut

JustReachOut is software to mobilise traffic on your broadcasting platforms. It communicates to reporters to help you gather link settlement.

Although, unlike other link-building applications that offer weekly or monthly plans, the JustReachOut premium package only accepts yearly subscriptions. However, it has great functions that are worth trying out.

9. Moz

Another superb Search Engine Optimization software package you should look out for is Moz. Its potent tracking feature can scrutinise the link outline of any site. It searches for openings and eliminates corrupted ones.

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Moreover, it displays linking text that generates traffic to your site which in turn gives you an insight into the best key texts used in the future to garner extra hyperlinks.

The software provides a whopping 4 weeks trial before you can upgrade to a premium package.

10. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is a platform for all of your SEO email marketing needs. The software has a unique exploration system that is usable for your link-trailing promotions. Not only that, but it also offers an advanced email-marketing campaign that conventional apps do not provide.

Their freemium package lasts for a week which is good for a start. But you can choose to go for any of the cheaper yearly premium plans if you want to continue using the software.

Broken Link Builder by Citation Labs


Broken link builder is an app for fixing a cracked link. This is a distinct special package from citation labs to fix bad or damaged links in contrast to their link-building software.

It has a powerful mechanism that redirects visitors from a fragmented page to another page to retain their surfing allegiance. In general, it helps to drive traffic to your site.

However, their premium package is costlier compared to other software due to its dedicated task, but it is surely worth every penny.

To wrap up, there are lots of linking apps on the net, most of them offer a freemium and premium package while others only offer a paid package. However, they all perform wonderful backlink magic depending on your usage needs.

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