Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Should Try 

If you’re doing any kind of work online, then it’s highly likely you’ll use ChatGPT at some point. It seems like an age ago that the digital world was untouched by AI… These days, it’s an integral part of almost everything that’s done online. This is why we’ve listed the Top 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions you definitely should consider using.

Whether you’re an AI pro or you’re just getting started, Chrome extensions are a must. Quick, easy, mostly free, and so varied that there’s something for every need. Check out the list of our op ChatGPT Chrome extension options and install the ones that’ll make it easier for you to integrate ChatGPT into everything you do.

Supercharge your ChatGPT skills and streamline your workflow with the right ChatGPT Chrome extensions. These 10 are just a few that can help you become an AI pro, but they’re a great start. 

1. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google

If your online work involves a lot of research, this free ChatGPT Chrome extension is a true time-saver. Install it, and when you do a Google search, you’ll see the usual SERP on the left and a handy ChatGPT summary/answer to your question on the right-hand side. 

You’ll need to install the ChatGPT extension, log into OpenAI, and authenticate it before you can take advantage of this feature. But it’s invaluable for research purposes and can save you hours on any given project. 

It’s important to note that the extension is restricted to one browser tab at a time, so you’ll need a dedicated tab for research if you use it a lot. And if you use a search engine other than Google, you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t just a ChatGPT Chrome extension; it also supports Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more.

2. Prompt Genius ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Prompt Genius ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Prompting is the thing that most users struggle with the most. AI is not quite a genius on its own yet—it requires pointed prompts to deliver excellent content in return. With this ChatGPT extension for Chrome, you’ll get an extensive library of curated prompts right at your fingertips. 

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You’ll find them sorted into easy categories so you can quickly find one to suit your needs. You can use them as is or tweak them to cater more to your exact request. This handy ChatGPT Chrome extension features a library, which turns it into a learning opportunity, showing you new, unique ways to engage ChatGPT with prompts you may never have considered. 

Another feature we like is the ability to draft your prompts and categorize them for later use. The organized system of categories makes it easy to find exactly what you need, and the more you use it, the more you’ll boost your prompt-writing skills.

3. TalkBerry – Talk To ChatGPT Extension

TalkBerry - Talk To ChatGPT Extension

TalkBerry is a fun ChatGPT Chrome extension that turns the usual text-based AI into a voice-based application. The first thing you need to know is that it’s not yet developed enough to be used on other pages; you have to have the ChatGPT website open in order to use it. 

However, the biggest draw here is that TalkBerry makes it possible for visually-impaired people to use ChatGPT. Even if you don’t have that particular use for it, though, using it can streamline your processes quite significantly. 

Customize the details like input language and the speed and sound of the voice that reads back to you. This ChatGPT Chrome extension is invaluable for language learners, allowing you to effectively converse in your target language without having to deal with another person!

4. WebChatGPT Chrome Extension

WebChatGPT Chrome Extension

One of the biggest issues ChatGPT has had is being unable to access the latest, newest information online. Currently, its knowledge is limited to 2021 and earlier, which means 2 years’ worth of information is conspicuously absent from its answers. 

That’s the problem that the WebChatGPT Chrome extension fixes. If your job requires research on trends, up-to-date information, and anything that needs access to new information, ChatGPT falls short, but WebChatGPT picks up the slack so you don’t get yourself into trouble. 

This ChatGPT extension adds the latest relevant web search results to ChatGPT’s answers. You can narrow the information down by filters like region, time, and number of results, to name a few.

5. YouTube Summary by Glasp ChatGPT Chrome Extension

YouTube Summary by Glasp ChatGPT Chrome Extension

If YouTube is one of your main research portals, or you just like to take notes on interesting videos you watch, this ChatGPT extension is super useful. As well as summarizing YouTube videos pretty well, it also has other features for capturing, curating, and sharing summarized content from almost any web page. 

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It’s a great way to highlight particular bits of a page that stand out or are important for your research. Choose from multiple different highlight colors, and each of your highlights is saved in a drop-down library right on your top bar for easy access. 

You can also click on any highlight and add notes to flesh out your research even more. As for YouTube videos, you can highlight and annotate them too. Connect with others who use this ChatGPT Chrome extension to view their snippets—great for teams!

6. AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome Extension

AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome Extension

With over a million users, AIPRM is a popular ChatGPT Chrome extension and well worth considering for business users. It’s a library of prompt templates, specifically for SEO and SaaS purposes. 

Those who create content regularly will find it to be helpful. Using the curated prompts, you can easily create more detailed, more valuable content that catches your attention. Plus, if it needs to be SEOed, the extension can help there too. 

If you find that this ChatGPT Chrome extension becomes invaluable in your life, you can subscribe to a Premium Plan and get even more features. It’s worth noting that this extension recommends uninstalling all other ChatGPT Chrome extensions, which might be a deal-breaker for some users.

7. GPT for Sheets & Docs ChatGPT Chrome Extension 

GPT for Sheets & Docs ChatGPT Chrome Extension

Work in Google Sheets or Docs? This ChatGPT Chrome extension should be on your list. It’s best used in Sheets, although it does help you to write, edit, outline, generate content ideas, fix grammar, change the tone of voice, and even translate in Docs. 

Use it right, and you can simplify work in Sheets noticeably. Here you can make use of hundreds of custom functions to create your formulas, simplify data, extract data, manage sheets, and even create lists without the need for memorizing any formulas. 

Note that you need your own OpenAI API key to use this extension, but considering it’s a free ChatGPT Chrome extension, it’s worth spending on ChatGPT.

8. ChatGPT to Notion

ChatGPT to Notion

If you’re a dedicated Notion user, this simple extension could be your new favorite tool. It’s simple but useful, which is what an extension should be! 

Once this ChatGPT Chrome extension is installed, you’ll notice a small pin icon on the left side of your chat. Simply click here, and the answer you’ve just got will be saved to your chosen Notion database. 

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You can also save the entire chat rather than just one answer, which is done via the extension pop-up on the right-hand side of the page. 

You’ll need to spend some time upfront setting up which databases and documents you want your chats to be saved to, but it’s worth the extra few minutes. Good news—you can link to as many databases as you want or need to with this ChatGPT Chrome extension.

9. TweetGPT


Tweets taking up too much time? TweetGPT is the ChatGPT Chrome extension for you. It integrates directly into Twitter so you can get help creating smart, thoughtful, and valuable tweets, as well as responses to other tweets. 

Choose your tweet topic, emotional tone, and language, and let the extension do the rest. While you can use ChatGPT itself to brainstorm, draft, and tweak tweets, having a ChatGPT Chrome extension that works directly on the platform is convenient and saves you time and energy. 

Make sure you still browse through what it throws out, though, just to be sure. You may also need to tweak it slightly to sound more like you, but this ChatGPT extension for Chrome is a great foundation.

10. TeamSmart AI ChatGPT Chrome Extension

TeamSmart AI ChatGPT Chrome Extension

TeamSmart AI is like a team of helpers right on your laptop. With this ChatGPT Chrome extension, you’ll get access to a group of AI agents, each with their own specialty, that you can get in touch with at any time. 

Anytime you need help with something, there’s a virtual expert to help. If you need a new gym program, Kim the Health Coach can assist. Need to create a marketing campaign? Andrew the Marketing Expert is ready with digital marketing tactics. Even if you just need a laugh, Carlos the Comedian is standing by. 

You need an OpenAI API for this ChatGPT Chrome extension, but it’s one of the best things you can have at your disposal. Well worth it… And you never know when you’re going to need the services of a startup lawyer or a graphic design consultant! 

Which ChatGPT Chrome Extension Is Right for You? 

The best thing about ChatGPT Chrome extensions is that you can install more than one, so you’re covered for everything you need to do online. If you’ve been using ChatGPT for work, you’ll be shocked at how much more efficient it becomes when paired with the right tool. 

Ready to pick and install your favorite ChatGPT Chrome extensions? It’s easy and quick, and you’ve got nothing to lose… But productivity, creativity, and excellent time management to gain.

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