TOP 10 Free Author Accounts [Updated on Jan 2023]

Below are 10+ websites offering FREE author accounts with login credentials that have 50+ DA, DR, and 500+ Traffic.

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Please follow the guidelines given in each account. Otherwise, your posts will be removed after review without asking.

Topics and Links will be removed: Casino, Adult, CBD, Dating and illegal content.

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Thenexism | Free author accounts

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3+ Benefits of Getting an Author Account

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1. You Can Publish Your Article Instantly

On the off chance that you are given an author account that set you as an author, not a “contributor”, then you will have access and the right to publish your content immediately on that website without asking. It’s like “write for us free“, “free guest post site”, and “blog author pages”.

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Otherwise, your post will be in the status of “Submit for Review” which means that the admin will have to check and approve your post before publishing it.

2. Right to Edit Old Posts

This is one of my favorite advantages from my perspective. Sometimes, you just realize several mistakes in the article that you have published. In case you do not own an author account, it takes time for you to ask the admin or publisher to edit your post. Worse, it can’t be edited.

As a result, that small mistake, like misspelling, can cause the readers on the website annoyance and discomfort then your post will not be shared or even recommended not read.

3. Author Account Exchange

This is all the rage at this time on Facebook groups that everyone wants to exchange their free author website on unique websites so that they can publish their posts on other websites.

With the increase in the number of author accounts a person owns, he/she can easily exchange, sell guest posts or just publish his/her content on those websites which means that more do-follow backlinks will be earned by him/her.

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