Top Residential Flats in Jaipur to Invest

Flats in Jaipur

Let’s check some top residential flats in Jaipur to invest in. Jaipur is a sacred land with the ideal blend of contemporary and historical Indian traditions. And is slowly becoming part of every home buyer’s residential dream. Often referred to as the Pink City, Jaipur as a place has an aesthetically and economically viable appeal to itself.

Jaipur’s Ethnically Rich and Rich Culture

Aside from its ethnically rich and rich culture, the city is now becoming a favorite among homeowners. Who want to return and invest here; such is the charm of the metropolis. From an industrial point of view, the city has undergone some major transformations in the last 2-5 years. We have already witnessed reputable industries establishing their base in the city and the speed is only increasing every day. The flourishing tourism, manufacturing, export, and education industries in the city. And the connectivity to Delhi / NCR ensures that development will continue to occur at a rapid pace.

Country’s First Planned City

Jaipur was the country’s first planned city because, in the smart city, old-world charm and modern architecture harmoniously coexist. There is no shortage of prime locations in the city. As every location here has easy access to transportation and modern civic amenities.

The best properties in Malviya Nagar, C-Scheme, Vaishali Nagar to name a few, have the perfect mix of commercial, commercial. And residential development and therefore property values have almost doubled here. Currently, the property price in Jaipur starts from around 1 lac. While the average property price in Jaipur is $ 67.42 lac.

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In general, Jaipur has a price trend that is going up from the last six months in the fiscal year 2019, which indicates a high demand in the real estate market and prices are about to rise.

In addition to upscale residential properties, submarkets and emerging sectors such as Ajmer Road, Kalwar Road, Sikar Road, Tonk Road, Jagatpura and Jhotwara are also growing at a steady rate of 15-20% annually. According to, most projects in Jaipur offer residential flats in the price range of Rs 2000-3500 per square foot.

Well-established localities such as Bani Park, Durgapura, JLNMarg, Mansarovar Extension, Nirman Nagar offer properties in the price range of Rs 3,500 to Rs 6,000 per square foot. The Jaipur real estate market has the same number of end-users and investors.

End users are largely local users and those who migrate from Tier III cities in search of employment and better living standards. Investors are those looking for cheaper investment options compared to Delhi NCR, with 3 BHK being the most favored configuration. 3 BHK flats in Jagatpura Jaipur are more reasonable than flats in Jaipur.

Residential Areas in Jaipur to Buy Flats in Jaipur

Here we list some residential areas in Jaipur to buy flats in Jaipur.

Flats in Jagatpura

South Jaipur has become one of the most sought-after residential areas in Jaipur, thanks to rapid infrastructure developments. This has led several leading city and country builders to offer ultra-luxurious properties in South Jaipur areas like Jagatpura at affordable prices. Check out these 2 BHK flats in Jagatpura Jaipur, if you want to buy a home within your budget.

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With excellent connectivity to the rest of the city through efficient public transportation, Jagatpura is an excellent option to invest in residential units in Jaipur, offering less expensive residential housing facilities.

Where property prices in Jaipur are in the million rupees, Jagatpura is one of the few areas in the city that offers comfortable residential properties at affordable prices. If you are looking for inexpensive properties with various amenities and other features, Jagatpura is a great option. The median property price in Jagatpura is around 23 lakhs. It is a perfect location to prefer when making the decision to purchase property in a residential area.

Flats in Mahindra SEZ

This is one of the best real estate investment places in Jaipur. Mahindra SEZ is a special economic zone developed as a public-private partnership between the country of Rajasthan and Mahindra Inc.

It is considered one of the futuristic and future residential areas of the city. With easy access to the rest of the city, this satellite city has several factors going for it. With the presence of several renowned schools and universities, access to quality healthcare and one of the fastest-growing economic zones in the country, Mahindra SEZ is an excellent investment option. Properties in this area have seen great capital appreciation in recent years.

With planned development zones offering congestion-free roads and rapidly growing infrastructure, Mahindra SEZ is a large residential colony in Jaipur.

Flats on Ajmer Road

With Jaipur experiencing rapid expansion in recent years, one area that has seen tremendous growth is Ajmer Road. The six-lane Jaipur Ajmer Expressway is part of the upcoming Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. And connects two of the largest metropolitan cities in India – Mumbai, and Delhi.

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The awarding of land over 3,000 acres to non-polluting industries for the creation of an SEZ (Special Economic Zone) has generated great interest in this area. Real estate experts predict that this area will offer stiff competition to Gurgaon in the coming years, and it even has the nickname Mini-Gurgaon.

Genpact, Wipro, Deutsche Bank, Infosys, ICICI Bank, and JCB India Ltd are some of the renowned corporations with offices here. The huge boom in infrastructure development. And rising jobs has led to the rapid development of affordable housing partnerships on Ajmer Road.

This area is one of the best options for residential property buyers. Not only for residents of Jaipur but also for the rest of NCR due to its excellent connectivity with other major cities in the region. It is a planned development area approved by the JDA (Jaipur Development Authority). In other words, real estate investments in Jaipur are likely to experience large capital appreciation in the coming years.

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