How to Get Glowing Skin with Body Polishing

People desire to have radiating skin, and they take many cosmetic and skincare measures to achieve that goal. Body polishing treatment is useful here for clearing up the dermis layers perfectly and leaving glowing skin in the end. 

For the best results though, you should use natural-based scrubs. Also, take professional help for body polishing sessions and tips.  

Homemade body polishing techniques 

There are particular natural-based body polishing options you can avail of for your skincare regime. 

Baking soda + coconut oil 

This Body Polishing cream generally includes ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, coconut oil, and lavender essential oil. While the former two are great natural cleansers and have a combined skin brightening effect, coconut oil moisturizes and lavender oil soothes the layers. 

Users are safe from bacterial infections, too. 

Sea salt + Vitamin E

Sea salt exfoliates the skin well from oil and dirt impurities while vitamin E works as an antioxidant. The latter rids the skin of free radicals and adds moisture. Plus, this treatment includes honey and baby oil as well. 

Typically, the overall combination safeguards against septic and bacterial contaminations. 

Sugar + strawberry 

Strawberry has AHA content, which exfoliates the skin thoroughly while sugar has glycolic acid content. Together, they ensure a fresh and bright skin tone. Sugar also naturally moisturizes the skin.

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Oatmeal + grapeseed oil 

Here, the solution contains ingredients like oatmeal powder, grapeseed oil, sea salt, and sometimes essential oil. The first works as a moisturization/exfoliation combo, and cleans the skin well. 

Plus, grape seed oil has Vitamin E, D, and C content which reduces scars, wrinkles and improves skin texture and tightness.

Coffee + sugar 

Coffee with its antioxidant and anti-aging properties and sugar with its glycolic acid content exfoliate and hydrate the skin naturally. One notices a brighter skin tone, too. 

Rice powder + mint leaves

Rice powder (rice flour) exfoliates dead skin cells and oil and rejuvenates skin, while also protecting it against suntan and sunburns. Plus, mint leaves have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; they moisturize, cleanse, and soothe the skin surface.  

Green tea + sugar 

The brewed green tea and white sugar combination, with honey extract, is useful for natural exfoliation and deep cleansing. Green tea also relieves itchiness due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant composition. Sugar and honey help hydrate and clean the layers, respectively. 

Sugar + avocado oil 

Avocado oil is a top-notch Body Polishing oil with natural antioxidants, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins. It also works as a sunblock, hydrates skin, and gives anti-aging benefits. Sugar, on the other hand, is a natural exfoliator with strong humectant properties. 

Why add body polishing into your everyday beauty regime?

Download the Zoylee online salon booking app to book a body polishing treatment with respectable skincare experts. This approach is useful for cleansing, hydrating, moisturizing, and nourishing the dermis layers in one go. 

Not only does it work to remove dead cells present in the skin, but also promotes healthy cell growth. Plus, it opens up the skin pores which rejuvenates the skin condition and promotes skin radiance. 

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For the best outcome, you should opt for a combination that suits your skin type. Accordingly, add this practice into your daily skincare regime after knowing which products would suit you best.

Tips to keep in mind 

While using a good-quality Body Polishing kit for skincare, you should focus on following these pointers, too. 

Use sunscreen afterward 

After getting the body polishing procedure, be sure to lather your skin with SPF-protected sunscreen. 

Understand your skin type first 

For optimal effect, it is important to judge your skin type and condition first. For example, those who have sun-damaged skin would notice more harm than good if they use an intense body polishing method. 

Also, check if you have an allergy to any particular natural ingredients in the scrubs. 

Check for any side effects 

Some of the factory-made body polishing treatments have chemical components. These can damage the skin layers in some cases. 

So, assess the reaction of the products on your skin first. Indeed, put a little bit on your hand before the session. 

Do not overdo your body polishing measures 

Only go for body polishing 1-2 times a month. Overdoing it can react badly on your skin instead.


All in all, for the best skin condition, going for a body polishing session would serve you well. Of course, check your skin tone well first and then select the right solution for a healthy glowing appearance. 

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