How to Spot a Texas Fake Driving License?

An identity card, such as a driver’s license, is very common in many countries. It allows a person to prove their citizenship or state of residence. A driver’s license consists of a number, the first and last name of the driver, also the date of birth, height, type of license, the date it was issued, and the expiration date of the license. These fake drivers license are used by teens to conceal their age and to engage in more youthful activities. Nowadays, people often order fake IDs online. The process is fairly simple and takes just one click to get an ID delivered right to your door.

Personal detail

You must check the personal details of a person on their identification. Faked driver’s licenses will usually include incorrect descriptions of the person, for example, that they are much taller or have different color eyes or hair than they should, so make sure to verify this information.

Body language of the holder

The first thing a security official looks at when checking an ID card is the individual’s body language. In these modern times, teenagers are buying lots of fake id cards for the pleasure of entertainment. but when they attempt to use their fake driving licenses at one point, they hesitate and show their cards and there is body language that indicates that they might be lying. We are not saying that you can determine an ID card based upon just looking at the face but it tends to give you an indication so that you will focus on verifying it.

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Raised surface

Raised surfaces indicate a fake ID card. Real Texas identification cards are not raised, as this occurs because fake information is overlaid on real cards to change the information. Raised surfaces indicate counterfeit identification cards. These surfaces can be seen anywhere on the card, but most commonly near the corner where the date of birth is written. You can also identify the originality by looking closely at the spellings of the information on the card. 

Barcodes and magnetic strips

There are several ways to identify ID cards using barcodes and magnetic strips. High-end restaurants and other places have different technologies where they scan id cards with barcodes and magnetic strips. Therefore, a driver license must be scanned with all the data of an individual card matched against the physical card.

State identification

A gold circle with a star in the middle will appear near the top right corner of the federal identification card by 2020. Federal agencies, such as the FAA, cannot accept licenses without these symbols, so Texans without these symbols cannot fly. To ensure the validity of cards, it is important to check the golden circle feature. The officials do not accept cards without the golden circle.


These key features are good ways to verify the authenticity of fake driver’s licenses. If you are a security official and want to verify the reliability of an ID card, you can simply look at these features to know whether it is an authentic Texas driver’s license.

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