Using What GIF For Social Networking and Business

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word GIF? To most of us, GIFs are graphics that can be animated or visual. For example, a photo that has been taken by a professional camera may look very good printed on a poster or picture frame but it won’t look the same unless animated. So, What GIF has become a popular way for some internet marketers to promote their website and make it look more interesting and professional.

What Do What GIFs Mean?

In order for you to be able to understand What GIF is, then you must first acquaint yourself with the various forms of GIFs. The interchange format for GIFs is JPEG and PNG. The three formats are pretty similar when it comes to image quality but they have subtle differences that could be significant to a web designer. Let us take a look at some of these subtle differences. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at What GIF is and its popularity in internet marketing.

In case you didn’t know, What GIF is a shortened form of the graphic image. So, if you see a picture on a social media site that has a person or an animal like they want to ask something, and you cannot make out what the image is, then it is probably a What GIF. The next thing you would know is what it stands for. GIF stands for a graphic image. In simpler terms, GIF is an acronym that can stand for graphic image or JPG. The point here is that there is no difference between the GIF and the other acronyms.

What GIF example
An example of What GIF

Advantages of What GIF

What GIFs can be animated and in no time you will find out how GIFs have revolutionized marketing and spread across the world. When you browse different social media websites, you will come across many companies that are using What GIF to market their products. One company, which you may not know, is Google. They have an AdSense program where if your site contains a What GIF, you pay some amount of money every time a visitor clicks on the ad. If you want to put your site on the top spot of a search result, then having a What GIF on your site is a good idea and so is a great idea for social media marketing.

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Creating viral effects

What GIF can be used on many different kinds of social media platforms. So if you want to draw attention to your business or product with the help of viral effect, Gifs will give you results. But gifs are not limited to image sharing; Gifs can also be used for other purposes as well. For example, some of the images that are uploaded on the Gifs-share site are in the form of a screenshot, a Vine, or an IMG. So if you want to share something on the internet without having to wait for hours while other people download it, then you can just upload it on the pic-sharing site.

Easy-conveying messages

There is another great reason why you should use What GIF to market your business. Unlike a blog, a video or a small article, GIFs take less time for people to digest. This means that if you use What GIF effectively, you will be able to convey the message to a bigger audience in less time. However, even if you don’t intend to do any marketing with What GIF, it is advisable to post them on your personal page so that people can see them. That way, they can be seen even if you aren’t logging into the social networking sites.

Limitations of What GIF

The biggest problem with What GIF-for-all is that not all of them are created equal. A lot of them are low quality and are filled with advertisements. It’s important that you don’t go for anything that doesn’t have good content. Some of the GIFs that you will be seeing are filled with advertisements of different kinds. So if you want to get good ones, then you need to look for high-quality ones that have text and artwork that are made by real artists.

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Where to Find What GIF

You will find that there are a few online platforms that enable you to use What GIF effectively. These are the ones that you can use for the social networking marketing of your business. Just make sure that you only use them on high-quality platforms so that you won’t get any kind of viruses from the platforms. Plus, it is important that you learn more about how to use an image GIF so that you can update your page in a much better way. An image GIF can be a really useful way to promote your business or products, especially if you aren’t good at writing text. Now you know a little more about the powerful effect that image GIFs have on internet marketing.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

1. What does GIF stand for?

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF; /ɡɪf/GHIF or /dʒɪf/JIF) is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite and released on 15 June 1987. It has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability between applications and operating systems.

Source: Wiki – GIF

2. How to text a GIF?

Texting a GIF is easy. Once you have opened up a messaging app of your choice, such as iMessage or WhatsApp, or the default messenger installed on Android phones, the keyboard would probably give you a GIF option. Simply clicking on it will reveal GIFs, and you can send one by selecting and clicking whichever you like.

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Source: How to Text a Gif: For Android and iOS Users

3. Why are GIFs gaining common?

GIFs are gaining popularity because, like memes, they’re useful for communicating jokes, emotions, and ideas. Plus, sites like GIPHY and Gyfcat make it super easy to share and create GIFs. These services are integrated into apps like Twitter, and Facebook Messenger, and your phone’s keyboard, so they’re just as easy to use as emojis or “stickers.”

Source: What Is a GIF, and How Do You Use Them?

4. Explore new What GIF

You can find out types of What GIF you need here.

Source: Explore What GIFs

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