Review of the Fisher-Price Mamaroo Infant to Toddler Seat

One of my favorite things is a stuffed animal named “Mamaroo“. I have had many of them, from the very first one that I ever had as a baby, all the way up to a big black teddy bear that was given to me by my godson. At the time, I always thought that the very idea of owning a plush toy meant that I would have to be a very loving person. Let s be frank, the original 4 mums mamaroo looked pretty much like the ultimate pinnacle, the queen of the jungle, and wished I could own one. Sadly, nobody bought it on the registry, probably because this stuffed swing actually costs more than that! However, years later, I got my much loved and cherished baby monkey back.

Advantageous Features of Mamaroo

Comfortable for children’s sleeps

This is an innovative idea and one that I am sure that other manufacturers will come up with in the future. However, it is a feature that the Mamaroo Pro Moms absolutely love and they will tell you why. One issue that all cribs have is that they do not provide a good night’s sleep for your baby. It is true that most babies enjoy bouncing and moving, but there is just not enough comfort for a parent until they have completely fallen asleep themselves. By using the mamaroo seat cover, you can make sure that your baby will get enough sleep during the day to make it through the night without wakening at night.

Mamaroo 4moms

Four-wheel swiveling motion

The other innovative feature of the new mamaroo is the four-wheel swiveling motion. The reason this is a unique feature is that most cribs on the market only allow for a three-foot turn. These tend to sway back and forth by ninety degrees, which many parents do not like. On the other hand, the fisher-price mamaroo allows for a complete swiveling motion while your baby is safely strapped into the frame. The four-wheel swiveling is also a great benefit to older babies who are beginning to sit up independently.

Many mothers are raving about the ease of use of the baby stroller and the amount of space that the infant can move around in. The swiveling motion makes it easy to transition from sitting to standing and back again without having to rock the seat. Another great feature of the swiveling infant seat is that the machine-washable fabric allows you to wash it in the machine at home. This means that you can hand wash the product rather than using the machine. This feature alone can save you hundreds of dollars over buying another item for the crib.

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Development of Mamaroo 2021

Differentiate the old version and the new one

The main difference between the old version of this toy and the new one is the look and feel. Both brands look about the same, but the new design has a much bigger head and sits on a much larger base. While it is true that the old version’s design had no leg rest whatsoever, it was much better because it gave my children more stability, especially when they were squirming all over the place. The new one is much better looking than the old one, and also sits on a very sturdy base. There are no weak areas, which makes this an excellent choice for children who have back issues. Since it is made out of hard plastic, it will not be too soft for your toddler, but instead, it will be firm enough to provide great support while they are lying down.

The new 2021 version

The new 2021 version of the mamaroo comes with two features that set it apart from the rest of the competition. The first is the built-in sensor that allows you to turn it on and off from your own remote. This way you never have to get up and leave your baby alone to control it. Whenever your child enters or leaves the room, it will play soothing white noise to make sure that it does not wake your baby up. It will also shut itself off when your baby is sound asleep so it does not disturb your sleep.

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Swivel 180 degrees swing

Fisher-Price did not stop there with their newest creation, however. The new 4-wheel swing will swivel 180 degrees, which gives your child the chance to look over the top and see what is going on around them. This feature will also allow your baby to see the television, books, or toys from any angle. Another unique aspect of swiveling is that it does not make a big hole in your pockets. This gives parents the opportunity to pick up and put the swivel in their pocket or purse, which many mothers and fathers wish they had done when purchasing a crib for their child.


It seemed that a lot of people were disappointed with the original version of the mamaroo, so they bought the new version. Unfortunately, it did not change much. In fact, some people still have the same problem that I did, that trying to lift the product on their little daughter’s back causes the bottom of the mattress to fly right off the toy. This is why I decided that it was time for a review of this product so that others can avoid the mistake I did, which was buying one that was not sturdy enough to last long enough for my children.

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A 4moms Mamaroo review — an in-depth look – Fathercraft

There are a multitude of swing, bouncer, and rocker choices for newborns and babies on the market, but adults don’t swing or vibrate, we sway back and forth and bounce our babies gently in our arms.  That’s the beauty that I found in the 4moms mamaRoo. The 4moms Momaroo is like a combination of a swing, a rocker, and a bouncer all in one, that also happens to look like it belongs in an episode of The Jetsons.  

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4moms Mamaroo Review

The MamaRoo isn’t a perfect product. It has major technical shortcomings –particularly with its basic mobile app and terrible speakers. Even in light of these issues, I like the MamaRoo. Unless you’ve got $270 lying around, though, you should wait to buy it until you’re sure it’s what your baby needs.


Brutally Honest Mamaroo Review: Is It Worth It?

The Mamaroo is an infant swing developed by the company 4moms. One thing I like about this company is their support center. On their website they have a copy of the manual as well as a video that helps you set up your Mamaroo. It comes with a 1 year warranty so if anything breaks you can get a replacement.


A Real Review of the 4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing by a Real Mom

This unique seat was created to mimic the movement of mama’s: rocking, swinging, swaying and bouncing. The 4moms mamaRoo Baby Swing has 5 different movements that can soothe and calm any fussy baby and is a favorite of hospitals. The features are fantastic, but you might consider the Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 for a better priced, better-reviewed swing.


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