All You Need to Know about Podcast Covers

They say that only the content of the podcast is important. Partially, that’s true but in fact, absolutely each item of your podcast matters a lot. You may have a very informative podcast, but if its cover page is boring, no one will open it and appreciate your content. Therefore, it would be better if you spend some time, and learn how to become a professional in this niche and create not only informative podcast covers but attractive ones as well. In this all-encompassing post, we’ll provide you with a few insightful tips on how to create podcast covers and provide you with basic information about them. So get comfortable and have a look!

Podcast Cover Art: What Is It?

First off, let’s cover the basics and define the meaning of this term. Simply put, it’s a cover design that demonstrates the content. More often than not, it also features the logo and brand name.

An effective Podcast cover design should be simple yet attractive to the eyes of listeners. You must constantly do less and avoid being too overwhelmed with the images.

Simultaneously, the Podcast cover art should correspond appropriately with the Podcast’s core message. It should not seem like a stranger to your Podcast’s subject matter.

Benefits of Having an Attractive Podcast Cover

Let’s run over the key benefits that you’ll get if your podcast cover has a bright and catchy design:

  • You’ll be able to tell your story to the targeted audience. A compelling design is your chance to catch the readers’ attention. In fact, it can show a lot, especially if you use your logo and brand name.
  • You’ll set the tone of the podcast. A massive collection of fonts and colors is at your disposal. You can use them to set the tone and convey your message. Create a catchy title and it will surely help you demonstrate that your content is useful and is surely worth the attention of your users.
  • You’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors. A unique design means a lot. It’s a fair opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and specify your project from others. Overall, you’ll show your creative abilities and prove to your end-users that your podcast might be as informative and cool as its cover page.
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Tips and Tricks on How to Create Cool Podcast Covers

No worries, this task is easier than you might think. Plus, there’s a huge collection of tools that can be used to do this task. You can choose any podcast cover art maker free that suits your needs. You can tackle that challenge even if you aren’t a professional designer. Let’s run over a few tips that might help you achieve this goal:

  • Before you begin, double-check the dimensions of your podcast cover. Your podcast will be available on various platforms, each with its own cover art standards. So, before you preview your podcast cover art on a variety of situations, ensure that it is not jarring.
  • Avoid placing the artwork pieces at the bottom, as they would be difficult to see due to play indicators.
  • Don’t make the name too long. Make it short, catchy, but informative. Beyond this, you should also avoid using too many artwork elements. In doing so, you’ll make it more informative.
  • Make sure you have unique artwork. Don’t copy the images that belong to other users. Make it yourself.
  • Consider the size requirements. This is where a lot depends on the platforms where you are going to use it. Beware that Google, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts have absolutely different requirements and you need to check them before you create yours.

Overall, when following all these insightful recommendations, you’ll easily achieve your goal and create simple, informative, and catchy podcast covers that will surely be noticed by your target audience.

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