Importance of Subject Line in Email Marketing

Email marketing is an indispensable and the most influential component for growing a brand today. This marketing channel has yielded the highest return on investment (ROI) in the last ten years. It is the easiest and most effective way to reach a targeted audience with a valuable message. 

As per a survey, a regular office employee receives around 121 emails daily. However, because the inbox is loaded with emails, some are never opened, while others directly get into the trash box. So, what exactly decides whether or not an email will be opened? Invesp stated that 47% opened the received emails based on their subject lines alone. 

It signifies the importance of well-written, strong, and catchy subject lines. A subject line should be written to attract readers’ attention and force them to click open and read the message. However, you need to understand that no perfect subject line guarantees a 100% open rate. But, a few tips will increase the chances of getting an email opened. 

5 practical tips for writing a good subject line to increase chances of getting it opened


Although cold email outreach software is handy today to amplify your email marketing campaign, email content remains the king. There are several ways to approach writing a good subject line. You can choose one or combine different elements with writing a strong, compelling, and catchy subject line. 

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1. Make the subject line valuable

You must ensure that your targeted audience finds the email worth their precious time. You can convey important information, great deals, or critical insights using the subject line. However, you must focus on delivering valuable information through email content. Because often lack of valuable content risks chances of frustrating your targeted audience. 

2. Personalize the subject line

The best way to build a sense of familiarity and rapport with the targeted audience is by adding a personalization element to the subject line. For instance, when you include their name in the subject line- it makes your audience feel like the message is personally created for them. Furthermore, they find such emails relevant and important to click to open and read.

3. Ask a question in the subject line

Another practical tip is to ask a question in the subject line. A question forces your targeted audience to think, making them search for a response. In simpler words, questions make the readers curious. This curiosity will force them to click to open and read the email. 

When you ask a question to your readers, you are directly stating that you do have the solution, either through your services or products.

4. Include an offer in the subject line

What else can be more enticing and attractive than great deals, discounts, and offers for subscribers? So, when creating an email, try to include deals, discounts, or hot offers worth the reader’s time. For instance, if you are currently running a bumper sale, inform your targeted audience immediately to motivate them to shop. 

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5. Keep the subject line concise

Focus on composing a subject line that is short and crisp. A subject line that gives the targeted audience hints about the inside message but never reveals it entirely: so, you should never make the subject line look like a story or a complete sentence. 

Experts suggest writing a subject line with less than nine words and 60 characters. 

6. Reflect urgency in the subject line

When a subject line creates a sense of urgency, it compels the readers to open the email to take action. So, reflecting a sense of urgency in the subject line is another practical way to write a great email. Because people are bombarded with tons of emails daily, they mostly overlook opening them. But, when a subject line shows urgency, readers are most likely to open it as soon as they see subject line. 

For example, “Flat 80% Off only for Today” as a subject line evokes the targeted audience instantly. Even the readers get enticed to open it up immediately, so they don’t miss out on the deals. 


Subject lines in email marketing channels are a game-changer. Strong, well-written, and catchy subject lines can convert leads and prove a great investment. In comparison, a poor subject line will only cost your business and lead the email into the trash box. 

So, now that you understand the importance of subject lines in email marketing stick to the above-mentioned practical tips for writing a crisp, personalized, and promising subject line.

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