Top 4 VPNs for Android in 2023

If you are an Android user who doesn’t want your smartphone or apps giving up your geolocation information all the time, you should think about utilizing a trusted and well-tested VPN, or virtual private network.

Will a VPN really resolve all of your privacy concerns? Definitely not. But, the best Android VPN will provide you with whole-device privacy so that Google cannot see your location, your internet provider cannot see your app usage or browsing history, and other app developers cannot see what you are doing when you are not using their app.

And at a time of continual surveillance and rising risks of data breaches, that level of security is sufficient to keep you from becoming low-hanging fruit.

VPNs for Android


What exactly is a VPN?

A virtual private network, or VPN for short, masks your identity and encrypts all of your internet activity as you browse. You can also connect to VPN servers located all around the world.

In order to access geo-restricted content, such as streaming services, you can connect to the server of the relevant country and access the content that is unique to that nation as long as you have a reliable internet connection such as Ziply. Head out to to check out the availability of Ziply Internet plans in your area.

Now let’s check out our top-rated Android VPNs below.


Speedify Free VPN

In our tests, the impact of Speedify’s ability to combine all of your active connections into a single, blazing-fast VPN connection was evident. The seamless transition from Wi-Fi to a mobile network is another excellent feature of Speedify.

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Therefore the connection will seamlessly switch to mobile if you are streaming music and leave the range of your Wi-Fi network.

Speedify’s app is simple to use. Additionally, it keeps track of statistics like the number of smooth device failovers you’ve experienced, the volume of data moved, and your top download and upload speeds.

Instead of the current configuration, which involves connecting, selecting a new country location, and then reconnecting, it would be preferable if you could select your country location before connecting. Even still, it’s a small complaint for a brilliant mobile VPN for Android.



There are a lot of positive aspects to ExpressVPN and its Android solution. Although the dedicated app is quite simple and easy to use, it also has many sophisticated features.

If you have previously used ExpressVPN for pc, you probably wouldn’t notice any differences in the interface or capabilities. Each of its VPN programs had a clear On/Off button to connect, as well as an easy-to-use list of servers.

In order to increase security, there is also a kill switch, split tunneling, insecure network detection, and a menu of specialized privacy tools. In the Privacy and Security Tools menu, you can also access its Protection Summary tool, which displays the IP address you’re connected to as well as the speed of your connection.



NordVPN is a rather popular VPN that is commonly used. Additionally, it guarantees that Netflix will work with its service. Netflix is designed to function regardless of which server you’re on, even though it doesn’t provide dedicated servers for this purpose.

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Concerning the map that you may use to choose a destination, its Android app is comparable to its desktop counterpart. Among its key features are split tunneling, improved CyberSec malware protection, auto-connect, Double VPN technology, and the quick NordLynx protocol.

This time, the standout feature is the new Meshnet capability. It is arguably the most useful built-in extra VPN feature we’ve encountered, enabling you to build your own safe network and link your devices and those of other devices over secured NordVPN connections

 Additionally, NordVPN also has a triple-verified no-logging policy.


Surfshark VPN

Due to its market-beating pricing, which makes it the best inexpensive VPN at the moment, Surfshark is an easy first option for many. Yet, a low cost does not always imply poor quality.

Unlike many other service providers, Surfshark scarcely modifies its user interface for mobile devices. That implies that security features like an integrated virus blocker, split tunneling, and a dedicated kill switch are simple to obtain.

But the GPS spoofing feature Shurfshark has, which allows it to return the locations of your preferred VPN server, really sets it apart from its rivals.

In addition to providing the industry-standard AES-256 encryption and the aforementioned capabilities, Surfshark also promises a private DNS and a no-logs policy that has just undergone an audit.

Its problems with the kill switch are its most concerning drawback. Nevertheless, these only happen on Windows and in dire circumstances. Hence, you should have complete coverage on Android.

All in All

We have gone through the Top 4 VPNs for Android in 2023. It’s important to consider what it’s like to use a VPN tool. You won’t likely use anything if it’s unsightly, unclear, or tough to use.

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Although it need not be a work of art, a decent VPN app must be dependable and simple to use. Look for VPN apps with simple interfaces that offer the majority, if not all, of the functionality included in the desktop version.

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