Banbi Store Review – Is The Banbi Store Legitimate?

What’s Banbi?

Banbi is a type of waistcoat or outerwear. It was traditionally worn over a long-sleeved ruqun. This garment features short sleeves and ties or metal buttons to secure it. It is typically worn during the winter or when it is cold outside. The banbi is usually black or gray in color. It has a unique style that makes it a great choice for all seasons.

Why’s Banbi Confusing For Customers?

The site’s Trust index rank is high, with a 66.6% score. But this is not the most reliable source of information since customers’ reviews are not always unbiased. The Banbi Store has no official portal or Trustpilot reviews and no presence on social networks. This is a red flag that could cause confusion if you are unsure about the legitimacy of the company. Fortunately, the store offers a full refund policy for any products that are not received within 30 days of purchase.

The Bambi Store’s domain is set to expire on the 20th of December 2022, so it is not possible to get your hands on it. However, it is best to check out reviews from other customers who have purchased from this site. While the Banbi Store’s official website is lacking in information, it does have a Trustpilot rating of 60%. In addition, the Bambi Store’s social media accounts are empty and there is no mention of an address.

This online store has a low trust score, with a 63 percent average. The Banbi Store doesn’t have a detailed page describing their offerings, and the icons that link to the site are inactive or redirect to the login page. It also lacks an address. A banbi’s corpse is transformed into a horror that looks like someone else. It is unclear if the Banbi Store is legitimate.

A Site’s Still New To Be Able To Evaluate Accurately

In the Banbi Store’s official review, we noted that the store’s interface is a bit unprofessional and it lacks products. Although this site is relatively new, it has a good reputation for being a trustworthy online store. It has excellent SSL encryption and guarantees its customers’ privacy. Its website is secured by 256-bit SSL technology. In addition, it is fully accessible to international shoppers. Its social media presence is limited to Australia, but it is useful for international shipping.

The Banbi Store’s website isn’t well designed and offers a limited number of items. The company promises to send its customers gifts that cost thousands of dollars. The interface is unprofessional and difficult to navigate. But the prices are reasonable. A large number of people have been satisfied with the gifts and services offered by this online store. Its prices are extremely competitive and it is a great place to buy expensive gifts for family and friends.

Banbi’s corpse has been transformed into a Horror, which resembles the real Banbi. After Banbi died, she was reanimated by the evil Jinga, who changed her appearance into that of another person, Amily. She is now an undead priestess under the influence of the evil Jinga. There are no other ways to contact Banbi’s website.

Is Banbi Store Legit

You Should Be Careful

While the Banbi Store has limited products and a poorly designed interface, the site promises to give away expensive electronics for free. Its customer reviews are helpful because they provide unbiased information about the site and the products. There are no social networks for Banbi, so there are no negative reviews. This means that the Banbi Store is a scam, and it’s worth being cautious when you shop on it. There is no official portal or Trustpilot review for this store.

The Banbi Store claims to sell electronics, but it doesn’t offer a product catalog. There are no reviews on the site and no social media presence. While it is a new online store, it is selling expensive electronic items. So, it is important to read the reviews from other customers before deciding whether to use the Banbi Store’s services. There are no reviews on the Banbi store’s Facebook page and no official contact information.


Despite being a popular website, there are a number of problems with the site. For example, the domain expires in 2022. There is no physical address, and the website lacks information about its services. Moreover, it contains invalid links and is not trustworthy. As a result, it has an average trust score of 60%. This website is not recommended for business. This site is not safe and does not disclose its contact information to avoid scammers.

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Banbi Store Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This A Scam Portal?

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