Facial Recognition – One Step Ahead To Diminish Identity Theft

Facial recognition technology is capable of verifying the human face by comparing it with the digital imprint from the images or video placed in the database.

With the technology evolution businesses are on the road towards digitization. From getting online healthcare services to opening a bank account and shopping goods online, businesses are using technology to connect customers and to fulfill their needs digitally. But on another hand, such technology-based great opportunities have opened multiple gateways to the potential risk of fraud. Due to the increased digitization of the world, identity theft and financial fraud are the most recurring digital frauds. Businesses are now struggling to strengthen security measures to compete with the modern world full of fraudulent activities. There are multiple innovative technology-based verification products for businesses’ protection, among them facial verification is a perfect fit for this situation.

What Is a Facial Recognition System?

The technology-based facial biometric process verifies the persons’ identity based on the facial recognition system. Face verification system uses biometric facial scans to analyze facial characteristics using images or photos from the video frame. To verify a person the extracted image of the face is computed with the information placed in the database. This procedure of verification is used globally. It’s been used in every business such as airports clearance, healthcare industries to authenticate patients, customer verification in the financial corporations, and food industries.

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The Working Of Facial Recognition System

Nowadays, digital businesses are opting for the face verification process in their verification procedure to level up the battlefield against the rising number of cybercrimes. The concept of facial biometric recognition is widely shown in sci-fi movies through which facial authentication has become the center of attention. Following are the steps involved in the face customer verification

  • Capturing Facial Imprints:  At first, the facial physical samples and behavioral characteristics such as a smile or a blink of an eye are captured.
  • Extraction: The data from the captured samples are extracted and is converted into a well-defined template
  • Comparison: When the samples are converted into templates then they are compared with the pre-defined templates placed in the database
  • Verification: Lastly, the results are generated based on identity comparing both templates and by matching the facial characteristics. It just takes a couple of seconds and provides highly accurate results

Benefits Of Facial Recognition Technology

●    Fully Automated

The manual way of verifying the identity with human intervention was not so fruitful in identifying the true identity of the customers. Whereas the technology-based facial verification process fully automates the verification process and promises accurate results every time. This mitigates the need for separate employees for customer verification. This also boosts up the security checks and helps out the businesses to onboard legitimate customers.

●    Fast And Robust

To put off the rising number of cyberattacks the verification systems having fast speed and providing accurate results are the need of the hour. The facial validation process is fit for this situation which intends to provide fast and seamless verification.

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●    Touchless Contact

With face recognition technology, the customers can verify their identity without any contact. The traditional way of verification like fingerprint verification requires contact by which the fraudsters could easily manipulate the system. Moreover, due to the physical contact, there was a chance of germs spreading.

●    Result With High Accuracy

Businesses are adopting facial verification processes in their system. Thus, 3D facial verification technologies are capable of identifying the customers’ identities with high accuracy without any risk of malfunctioning.

Industrial Use Case Of Facial Recognition

●    Travel And Hospitality Industry

With the digitalization in the travel and hotel industries, identity theft cases are rising, and such industries are integrating the facial verification service in their onboarding services. To avoid fraud, it was the need to adopt technology-based solutions to protect the reputation and the trust among the customers. Now by opting for facial recognition service the process of onboarding has become smooth and customers linked with any kind of potential risks are filtered out.

● Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare domain, patient verification holds a big role. Medical businesses are most likely to be more affected by cybercrime as compared to any other business. Medical identity theft, claiming false insurance rewards, and availing free online precautions are damaging the reputation of the healthcare industry and customers are also not finding them trustworthy. Keeping in view the situation, facial biometric verification is the best solution to stop medical care fraud.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, innovative facial recognition technology is playing a viable role in the betterment of industries and businesses. The benefits of facial recognition are uncountable. It’s the best solution in the market which will completely mitigate the risk of identity fraud in the coming years. Businesses are obliged to employ facial verification services through APIs in their verification procedures in order to save their reputation as well as the trust among the customers.

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As the travel and hotel industries become more digital, identity theft instances are on the rise, and these companies are including the facial verification service into their onboarding services. It was necessary to employ technology-based solutions to defend the reputation and trust of customers in order to avoid fraud.

Because as travel and hotel industries become more digital, identity theft instances are on the rise, and these companies are including the facial verification service into their onboarding service.

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