Top 9 Automotive Technologies In 2022

For the past few years changes in the auto industry has forced automotive OEMs and Tier supplier to change. The trend of automotive technologies in the market referred to as C.A.S.E. (Connectivity, Autonomous, Sharing/Subscription and Electrification) continues to be forward, as digital technologies continue to revolutionize the landscape of mobility as well as the design techniques used in the auto sector. Let’s look at the Automotive Technologies likely to impact the auto sector in the year 2022.

1. Blind-Spot View Monitor

Many drivers love the idea of having a simple-to-read screen that can show you the traffic on the opposite side of your car as you get ready to switch lanes. The blind-spot view monitor that is based on video makes use of a tiny camera on the opposite side of your vehicle to show the traffic that could be within the lane that is next to you.

These alerts could help to stop you from colliding with an automobile or someone riding a motorcycle or bicycle. There are a variety of models of this technology, however, we prefer displays that are easy to read inside the gauge cluster, for instance, the ones found in Genesis, Kia, and Hyundai automobiles.

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2. Infra-Red Headlights

In bad weather conditions like storms, fog, and snow the driving conditions are riskier. To aid drivers in seeing further when driving in bad weather, cars like Audi, Ford, BMW and Toyota switch to infrared headlights. Besides, every driver should use the VIN lookup tool to check for recalls on their cars or search by make and model. Also, get recall information on car seats, tires, and equipment.

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3. Remote Vehicle Shut Down

Sometimes, cars shut down as a result of reckless driving, or missing payments on cars. Remote vehicle shutdowns will enable technology to stop a car within 50m. GM, as well as Toyota, are among the car manufacturers who are working on this type of technology.

The technology is able to address additional issues to be considered, such as the time to shut off a vehicle. Inertia and gravity to consider and this technology may turn off a car while in traffic.

The remote shutdown of vehicles has been installed in a total of 2 million vehicles across the United States alone, according to Cartrade.

4. Driver Override System

Although all cars may not be fully autonomous, they may be semi-autonomous. With the driver-override system in place, cars can apply breaks in certain instances when a driver is driving at a high speed. Automobile companies such as Nissan, Volkswagen, Volvo and Toyota are investing in driver override systems.

5. Dynamic Infrastructure Alerts

Car manufacturers are investing in this futuristic technology for cars to link with real-time maps of infrastructure to track changes in driving parameters as well as road conditions. It’s similar to Google Maps, but with more accurate data, dependent on traffic, construction and road hazards such as potholes. The companies that are using proactive infrastructure notifications include Toyota, GM and Mercedes-Benz.

6. Augmented Reality Windshield

Augmented reality is likely to play an important role in future technology, and it could start with the windshields of automobiles. When windshields are used to view our surroundings, the dashboard of a car may actually comprise the windshield, providing live information on the speed, fuel, temperature and directions.

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Companies such as Jaguar, BMW, Ford and GM are investing in virtual real-time windshields.

7. Biometric Vehicle Access

You can expect a more personal driving experience that is coming in the future. Biometric access to your vehicle will remove your keys and place them in your hands. With this new technology for cars, drivers can use the fingerprints of their fingers to open their vehicles and also authenticate their driver.

It can also assist with car theft through the tracking of biometrics and personal authentication. Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagan are just a few of the auto companies investing currently.

8. Network-Based Traffic Alerts

Traffic can be one of the most frustrating or dull aspects of a commute. What would it be like if you could communicate to other drivers regarding actual traffic conditions? By using traffic alerts that are based on networks motorists will be warned of traffic jams and in a position to change their route in real-time based on data. As per Quoteme, the traffic alerts based on network technology will lead to an increase of 97 percent in data traffic over the next 10 years.

Companies such as GM, Volvo, and BMW are currently working on these applications for car technology.

9. Autonomous Cars

A popular and discussed emerging trend is autonomous vehicles, particularly with the recent pilot programs offered by Uber for passenger as well as commercial applications.

Within the United States, some states have already legalized self-driving automobiles. Lexus, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Ford have all begun work on self-driving vehicles.

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