Delhivery vs XpressBees: Which Is the Better Courier Option?

Today everyone is obsessed with online shopping. 90% of shoppers love to shop online due to the convenience and quick doorstep delivery. Yes, the biggest reason for its wide prevalence is the fast doorstep delivery (Courier Option).

These days, the pressure on e-commerce stores is such that if there is a bit of delay in the delivery of orders, the customers get upset. It greatly impacts the experience of your customers and your sales too. To overcome such shipment issues, you can partner with some of the fastest delivery service providers available in the market.

Delhivery and Xpressbess

are the most popular delivery service providers in India. But, many times, we see retailers confused when it comes to choosing between these two. 

According to the latest Google Trend results, Delhivery enjoys greater popularity than XpressBess. However, these stats are not enough to reach any conclusion, and we need to do a detailed study of the courier service company. So, read this blog further to know which is the better option for you.

Now, let’s start the comparison of Delhivery vs Xpressbees and choose the best courier service company for you.

1. Pricing

Delhivery has a variety of transportation services for different weights. They have an Air courier, but if you are trying to ship something heavier than 2kg, it won’t be economical. For those cases, they also offer Ground Transport which is more affordable and takes about 1-2 extra days compared to air transport which makes sense due to the weight difference between both options, so there’s no need to worry because this service will still get your larger shipment from one location to another! 

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Xpressbees, the newest and fastest-growing courier company in India, offers both ground and air delivery services. As of now, they only offer surface mode, but with their fast growth rate, we expect them to be offering Air variants soon! Their prices are lower than Delhivery, making it the more attractive option for businesses looking for a reliable shipping service that is not too expensive.

ProviderCourier ChargesCOD ChargesTotal Charges
Delhivery 553590

Delhivery Air seems like it would take up quite some money by comparison, but luckily XpressBees charges comparatively lower prices; however, these companies don’t come equipped with all the conveniences.

Winner- XpressBees

2. Speed

Almost all shipping companies have practically identical delivery speeds, but this varies depending on where they’re picking up shipments from. Pickup location plays an important role here as some are only available at metro locations while others may offer service in other areas. It’s always hard to gauge the speed of a company based on one metric.

Delhivery’s services are the fastest in India, with an average delivery of 1-2 days within a city. They also offer a 2-3 days service for metro cities and 3-5 days service to non-metro areas.

XpressBees Surface is Delhivery’s nearest competitor but delivers at a slightly slower rate – while they have the same coverage as Delhivery, their intracity deliveries take on average two more days than that of Delhivery’s.


3.Customer Support

Delhivery, a billion-dollar company with offices in multiple Tier 1 cities and operating around the clock, now has no phone number for customer care. In India, where Delhivery is headquartered, and many of its customers reside, it may be challenging to get answers quickly without this critical resource or other resources such as WhatsApp contact number or email support.

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On the other hand, Xpressbees has offices in multiple Tier 1 cities, but they don’t have any listed customer care phone numbers. If you want to contact them about a service or order, the best way is through an email that may be slow and not preferred by most customers.


So, which is the better courier option – Delhivery or XpressBees?

After doing a detailed analysis of both the leading courier service companies, we concluded that Delhivery is comparatively a better choice than XpressBees.  

Delhivery wins this race by two points, but this doesn’t mean XpressBess is less efficient. Both the service providers are equally competent, and when it comes to comparison, there is only one winner which is Delhivery.

Though Delhivery and XpressBees, both offer competitive courier services, you are not bound to pick one only from these two options. If you need more flexibility in choosing your courier partner and the benefits they offer, you can sign up with NimbusPost. It’s a logistics partner that brings 17+ courier partners together on its platform to give multiple courier options to eCommerce sellers along with several other features and benefits.

Besides Delhivery and XpressBees, you get FedEx, DTDC, Blue Dart, DHL, Shadowfax, UPS, Gati, and other courier options on NimbusPost. You can simply compare every courier partner’s shipping charge by comparing them using the provided shipping rate calculator for an optimized solution.

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