Top 7 Solutions to Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error

What is Err_Cache_Miss Error and Why It Happens?

Recently, a number of people have experienced an error called “Err_Cache_Miss” in Google Chrome when browsing the internet. This error usually comes up alongside the “Confirm Form Resubmission” message, which doesn’t reveal much of what went wrong and what you should do next to fix it.

Err_Cache_Miss Error

ERR_CACHE_MISS is a common computer error, which is seen by many Windows computers. This error happens due to browser crashes, non-responsive applications, wrong extension settings, missing files, and other issues. Users often have to reformat their computers when this error message comes out. You should not ignore this message and instead fix it as soon as possible. You can perform a registry clean-up using the tips and procedures outlined in this article.

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The computer error which occurs due to the Err_caches_miss is shown with a blue error line on the screen. It is also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It occurs with the latest version of windows. There are various reasons which cause this message to come out. So there are 7 simple ways that can be performed to fix the issue.

Top 7 Solutions to Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error

Top 7 Solutions to Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
Top 7 Solutions to Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error

1. Restart your computer

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
Restart your PC

The 1st solution that can be taken is to restart the computer.

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Before restarting the computer, make sure you open up domain chrome again and make sure it is working fine. The latest version of windows has an option to restart the operating system.

So, if this option is available, use it. It is important to ensure that you are using the latest version of domain chrome to prevent any error messages or problems from occurring in the browser extensions.

2. Repair the registry

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
Repair the registry

The 2nd way is to repair the registry.

It is very important to repair the registry of your computer because the improper maintenance of the registry can lead to various errors occurring in the browser. Errors occurring in the cache can also be fixed by following the above steps.

When you have closed down all the applications and windows, you should run a registry cleaner software program to ensure that your computer is free of any errors and to fix the err_cache_miss error message.

3. The usage of external applications

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
The usage of external applications

One of the possible reasons why the err_cache_miss error occurs is due to the usage of external applications.

There are many external applications that use the system resources of your computer and this results in a loss of performance of the computer. It is recommended to use a dedicated Google application instead of opening a new browser for the sake of surfing the internet.

When you start domain chrome, it takes up a lot of resources from the computer. When you want to visit a site that uses Flash or Java, it may take a longer time to load the page since the page has to read the data from the cache. So, the main reason why the Google browser gets slow in loading web pages is due to the process called the “caching” in the application which is used to store the pages that are visited frequently in the system.

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4. Try “Regedit” command

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
“Regedit” command

Why don’t you try the “Regedit” command?

There are many ways to fix the err_cache_miss error. You can either use the “Regedit” command which is present in the boot menu of your computer or connect the error to the internet via the “Cannot connect to the internet” error. This will help you trace how the browser got slow so that you can fix the issue.

5. Update the version number of Google Chrome

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error
Update the version number of Google Chrome

Another solution to fix this problem is to update the version number of Google Chrome.

Many times, the older version numbers of the browsers stop the computer from correctly responding to the latest versions of the programs. And, the Chrome error is one such instance where the older Chrome versions no longer work properly with the latest version numbers of internet browsers.

6. Google internet connections troubleshooter

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error by troubleshooting Internet conection
Google internet connections troubleshooter

One of the ways how to fix this error is to use the Google internet connections troubleshooter. This is a software program that helps in detecting the various errors in all the networks whether they are managed by the local Microsoft or whether they are managed by the Linux Red Hat.

The Google internet connections troubleshooter scans the computer to detect any problems. This software also allows you to change or repair the various errors that are present in the computer.

There are various problems like the “Stapling cache miss-corrupted disk” and the “peer-server error”. If you want to know more about these errors, you can check out the technical details at the website of the company that has developed the Google internet connection, problem shooter.

7. Browser cache

Solve the Err_Cache_Miss Error by checking browser cache
Clear browsing data

Apart from the above errors, there is another problem that has to do with the browser cache. The Err_ caches_miss error message tells you about the problems that have come up with the cache.

You should be able to solve all the problems using the web browser. You should be able to clear all the cache data in the browser. Once you clear the cache data from the browser, you should be able to get the web page faster without the following errors.

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In short, there are a variety of reasons you might see the Err_Cache_Miss error message in Google Chrome. Whether it’s due to problematic extensions, outdated browser or network settings, or a temporary connection issue, the thing is that you have known some solutions to fix this problem.

As discussed in this article, there are totally 7 methods you can use to resolve the “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error in Chrome:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Repair the registry
  3. Check Google Chrome extensions
  4. Try “Regedit” command
  5. Update the version number of Google Chrome
  6. Troubleshooting Google internet connections
  7. Clear browsing data

We hope that this post has helped you resolve the “Err_Cache_Miss” error in Google Chrome. Enjoy browsing the internet with no worries.

How To Fix ERR_CACHE_MISS In Google Chrome || Fix ERR CACHE MISS Error Windows 10/8/7

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