Yphone – A Good Way to Connect Your Kids Online

YPhone is a cool little toy phone for young children. These cool toy phones are ideal for infants and small children. This faux-touchable mobile is certain to entice and mesmerize infants and small children. In this article, we will mention remarkable features of Yphone


Amazing Build

The front panel of this yahoo yphone looks like a mobile and is made of a translucent plastic material. You will instantly recognize this yahoo toy phone as it has a nice futuristic design. This handset looks very sturdy and has all the right features that would make it a favorite among infants and young children. The yahoo phone has a self-contained USB charging port which is convenient.

Great IQ Toys YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Recharable for busy baby hands

Easy to Operate

This yphone is very simple and easy to operate. Even an infant can operate this yahoo y phone with ease. This handset also has a self-contained battery. With this toy mobile phone, you do not have to be a technology buff to operate this mobile phone.

Cool Features

You can buy this yahoo y phone from any yahoo store or online. The yahoo hot kids child yphone music mobile phone study educational toy gift pack comes with yahoo mobiles like yahoo Xperia arc and yahoo qs, which are the latest models of yahoo phones. The different modes of this toy phone have a special meaning for children. You can have a look at all these different modes through this free online phone guide. This handset also has a super powerful sound processor.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of this handset is really good, the voice quality is rich and deep so that even small kids could understand the conversation. This handset comes with so many cool features and extras. When you purchase this yahoo phone, you can get a yahoo kids phone holder, a yahoo phone memory card, a yahoo voice dialer, yahoo live chat, and much more. With so many features, this yahoo hot kids child yphone music mobile phone study educational gift hot bag comes with a reasonable price tag as well. If you want to purchase this yahoo phone then just go through the online stores and search them through Google.

Different Functions and Additions

Functions of Yphone

YPhone offers different types of add ons that can be used for fun and entertainment. There is an application called Yodlee, which has been modified to include the knowledge base of the phone. This is a great tool that allows the children to enhance their knowledge and creativity through the different games and activities that are provided. Another cool application that comes with this product is Yodlee’s travel kit. Here you can add up different kinds of fun things that will help you along with your travel across different places.


With the wireless networking feature, your children can stay connected with each other no matter where they are. They can connect to the internet anywhere at any time. This makes them able to research and share information with each other. With all these functions in place, you children do not need to worry about their studies and hence spend less time in class and instead, they spend more time playing games and having fun. Hence, with the YPhone, your children can also get connected to each other.

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The phones from Yahoo are available in many different colors and at discounted prices, so you must look for these deals. These deals would include free gifts and other exciting offers. With all these features, you can choose the right phone that meets your requirements. Search the online stores or the offline stores for getting the best deal and save yourself from paying hefty bills.

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Other Related Sources

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other related sources

Cooplay Yphone Phone Toy Toddler Mobile Smart Phone Play

Information of Yphone on amazon:

  • This is a Toy – it is not an actual Phone!! Ships in assorted styles
  • Remove the small tab at the bottom of the item to activate it. Charge the device at least 60 minutes prior using it.
  • An interactive way to mix fun and learning for young children great for helping your child to learn Numbers 0 -9,shapes and different colors.
  • Bezel illuminates when buttons are Pressed lights and sounds for each button Easy on/off control switch rechargeable via micro-usb port hours of fun!
  • New Upgrade: The phone has 20x Best Children songs and 10x sleeping song. A best Christmas gift for kids.(With Christmas Songs)

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Durherm-YPhone-Play-Phone-Rechargeable/dp/B00GMEBHOG

Durherm YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Rechargeable

The functions of Yphone: (Press And Hold the button ‘?’ to Adjust 5 Volume Level ) 1. Number Mode: 2. Color Mode 3. Fruit Mode 4. Piano Mode 5. Music Mode: (10 Classic Sleeping Music) 6. 2x Song Mode:(20 Classic children songs ) 7. Telephone Ring Tones 8.Message Tones 9. Take A Photo Sound. 10. Charge with Micro USB cable.(Charger Adapter Not Included) If it can’t charge, Please try to change another Micro USB cable to charge it.

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Source: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Durherm-YPhone-Toy-Play-Cell-Phone-USB-Rechargeable/105131783

YOYOSTORE Black Y-Phone Yphone 1:1 Like Toy With Usb Charge Cable  (Multicolor)

Yphone is a simple toy,not really phone,no game in it ,when touch the screen it will say something according to the picture,thanks. this product need to open the switch,when you open the switch,it will ring and when you press the picture on the phone,it will said something, ,if it out of power,you can use the USB to charger it ,need to open the switch,Inserted into the USB, When it swich on there was a sound beep . any function not work. You have to wait for it to charge about 10 minutes , remove the power can be used normally .

Source: https://www.flipkart.com/yoyostore-black-y-phone-yphone-1-1-like-toy-usb-charge-cable/p/itmf3c8ydtgj5hgp

LeadingStar YPhone Kids Learning Toy Play Cell Phone

LeadingStar YPhone Kids Learning Toy Play Cell Phone Black with USB Rechargeable Children Simulation Phone Educational Toy ZK25

Source: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32820722804.html

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