Embedded Systems and Its Application in Daily Life

In machine learning and artificial intelligence systems, there are a number of sensors that work together with the help of embedded systems to produce the most accurate form of data and activities.

An Embedded system is the amalgamation of processor, storage, and input-output tools. They work together to make a system.  It is designed to do-follow only a certain number of tanks in a particular way. It basically controls the working of the system that is given as a command in a particular system with which it is embedded.

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Here are the top applications of embedded systems in everyday life.

Embedded Systems

1. Heating & air conditioning 

For any centralized system of heating or air conditioning, the thermostat converts the electrical energy into heat energy. Then with regulated temperature, it is distributed through vents. While in airconditioning the electrical energy converts the warm air into cold air with regulated temperature through the vents too. It is very crucial to have an embedded system to control the thermostat present in the devices. This system carefully regulates the temperature automatically. Without an embedded system there are higher chances of temperature regulation failure and in some cases, accidents might happen too. Therefore the embedded system in the central cooling or heating ecosystem is a must to work things properly and safely. 

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For example – office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, apartments, etc.

2. Navigating

Today going to a palace without navigation is unimaginable. It will be a nightmare for anyone in the modern city or urban places to move from one place to another. Navigation using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, etc has become a necessary part of daily human life. Modern-day navigation uses the data for detecting the exact location of the user by synchronizing the user and the satellite. And subsequently, the user device on which the navigation is done is equipped with an embedded system to project the most accurate location of the user. 

3. Fitness band or tracker 

In this contemporary age of the digital ecosystem, we are integrating every electronic device around us with each other. In this ecosystem fitness tracker is one of the important tools that is used to take care of our health. There are instances when the fitness tracker brand gives an offer to click on this website. Therefore with several features of an embedded system can be seen too with time. 

The fitness tracker is a device equipped with an embedded system that monitors our health condition using a number of sensors in it. With the help of a fitness tracker, we can see the real-time statics of our health on the mobile application. The fitness tracker can track the number of activities such as step count, calories burned, sleep time, stress level, etc that helps us to track our health in the most efficient way. 

With the advancement of technology, there are several new functionalities added in a fitness band such as O2 reading, ECG reading, blood sugar level, etc

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4. Medical equipment and devices 

None can deny the fact that the inclusion of medical equipment is a tool that saves the precious life of humans. The presence of an embedded system in medical equipment is done for a long period of time. With the innovation in technology according to the requirements, there are medical devices that need to be monitored in real-time as they provide life-saving support to the people. Regular monitoring and rigorous attention are a must requirement for saving the life of the patient. Therefore these equipment or devices have a number of sensors to monitor pulse, O2 blood saturation, condition of implants, etc are synced in real-time using the wireless network to the doctors. This not only improves the treatment time of the patient but also massively increases the chances of recovery. 

For example, PET scanners, MRI scanners, pacemakers, ultrasound machines, glucose monitors, etc are some of the examples of the embedded system used in medical devices or equipment. 


Almost all of the automobile companies use the embedded systems to give loaded features in the car, buses, transport vehicles, etc. Almost all of the exciting features of the automobile model cannot be fulfilled without the use of embedded systems. From safety arrangements to entertainment, there are a plethora of features that are backed by the embedded system within automobiles. 

Companies tend to use safety features like ABS systems, automated airbag support, anti-roll feature, etc with required sensors. Whereas for entertainment features such as climate control, massagers, ambient lighting, etc are also controlled by the inbuilt embedded system that ultimately works in an automobile electronic system. 

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