Prominent Features About NYU Classes

What Is NYU Classes?

In November 2011, ITS launched the NYU Classes initiative. The program began as a pilot study that involved 15 faculty members. The pilot project was an initial success, and by Spring 2012, the program had been adopted by entire departments and schools. Designed to encourage innovation and evolution, NYU Classes have been used for more than five million student sessions. Here are some of the features that differentiate them from other online courses: They offer online tutorials, self-help resources, and individualized tutoring.

Disadvantages Of NYU Classes

Not available for mobile devices

The NYU Classes website is not available on mobile devices. Its iOS and Android apps are not compatible with NYU Classes. The mobile app is rated 2.4 out of 5 on the App Store, with one reviewer describing the user interface as “slow.” Like other modern mobile web applications, NYU Classes is also lacking in an app. The essential navigation is hidden behind prominent header buttons, but remains familiar. Students can easily access their courses by using the My Sites button.

Require primary instructor

Activating the NYU Classes course site requires the primary instructor. However, it can be done by any faculty member who has been assigned to manage the course. The “Set Up Course Site” menu will only appear after the roster has been prepared in Albert. Activating a new course site requires the primary instructor to log in as the primary instructor. The Publish Now link will be visible to students and instructors. You can see this menu by hovering over the ‘Publish Now’ link.

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Advantages Of NYU Classes

Easy to navigate

The NYU Class interface is easy to navigate. While it doesn’t offer any apps for iOS or Android, it does offer a desktop website. While there are some shortcomings, NYU Classes is an excellent choice for many students. Its user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Its interactive features facilitate debate and promote collaboration. The platform also offers a forum where students can post alternatives and participate in online polls to determine which alternative is the most effective.

NYU Classes Mainpage
NYU Classes mainpage

Easy to use

The NYU Classes interface is easy to use and intuitive. The main menu is very similar to the NYU Class website. The only difference is that the latter is more intuitive to use. Activating the NYU Class homepage is an important step for any professor. The primary instructor can activate the site by clicking the ‘Set Up Course Site’ link. Upon activating the course, the primary instructor will be able to see the roster in Albert and can then add content to the course.

Provide all information

Once the New York University Classes system is activated, students will be able to see all the information on a course page. The NYU Classes homepage combines information from the various course sites, including a roster. The course homepage is created on a daily basis and needs to be activated every semester. It is only accessible to the primary instructor, but the administrator of the NYU Class website should be able to publish it.

Offer many online courses

NYU Classes also offers an array of online courses. Using innovative tools and methods, these courses are accessible to a wider range of students. The university’s “Big Ideas” course series offers an academic experience unique to the University. The course series features faculty experts from all over the University. This is the best way to immerse yourself in the NYU Class experience. If you are a professor, you can customize the dashboard to suit your course.

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Consider To Other System: Brightspace

Once the transition to NYU Classes is complete, the university will use a new learning management system called Brightspace. This cloud-based learning platform will allow faculty and students to collaborate, take tests, and track course standings. The transition process to Brightspace is expected to take place in December 2021. The fall 2021 semester is the last for NYU Classes. The new learning management system is expected to continue to be available in the same location and is largely compatible with all existing content.

Unlike NYU Classes, Brightspace allows faculty to create and manage course materials, assign tests, and track student progress through class assignments. In addition, it allows faculty to create discussion forums, which is crucial for the success of an online learning environment.


However, NYU Classes is still a popular choice. It has been around for eight years, but most students will not log in to the platform after the transition. The university’s new learning management system, Brightspace, is more open and accessible and allows faculty to use new features.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

NYU Classes is dead

The fall 2021 semester begins today, Sep. 2, but unlike previous years, most students will not log on to NYU Classes to download their syllabi and view their assignments. Instead, they will use Brightspace, which the university has adopted as its primary learning management system. The majority of classes have been relocated on the platform already, and NYU expects to complete a full transition by December 2021.


Reusing NYU Classes Course Content in NYU Brightspace

Over the course of 2021, instructor-created content from 2019-2021 NYU Classes course sites will be moved into NYU Brightspace as reference material, where you may choose to reuse it to build your new NYU Brightspace course sites. It is important to note that this content will be moved into corresponding NYU Brightspace “Reference Sites” under the equivalent term — content from a Spring 2020 NYU Classes course site will be moved into a corresponding Spring 2020 NYU Brightspace reference site; it will not be moved into your live NYU Brightspace course sites, so action is required on your part if you choose to reuse this content.

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NYU IT is automatically moving NYU Classes course content from 2019-2021 into NYU Brightspace “Reference Sites”. You will then be able to copy desired content into your current and future courses.


What is replacing NYU classes?

The NYU Brightspace online learning management system enables NYU faculty to use the web to enhance classroom instruction. Instructors can use NYU Brightspace to:

  • Create full-featured, online course environments for the members of their class to share course readings and lectures.
  • Distribute and collect assignments.
  • Generate a virtual class discussion, and more. 

NYU Brightspace is the same tool used by NYU faculty across global NYU locations, so you can share content across your course sites, regardless of where they’ve been taught.


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