Fitness with the Alpiner by Hertz

What Is Alpiner?

Alpiner is a piece of fitness equipment with an interesting claim – it can help you lose weight. However, if you’re not quite sure about that claim, you might wonder what the big deal is here. In short: if you need an easy basic heart rate monitor that looks sort of like a regular watch, the Alpiner X Alive can do fine enough already.

Alpiner Collection
Alpiner Collection

Advantages of Alpiner Features

Get notifications at every place

One of the most useful features of the Alpiner that I think a lot of people will like is the ability to get notifications when you’re walking, cycling, swimming, or doing aerobics. You can get these notifications via either your cell phone, your watch, or your computer. Since it is basically designed to tell you to get moving, it automatically recommends certain activities you might want to do. It also tells you when you’re close to reaching a goal (such as your target mile, or distance) so that you can pick up the pace a bit to make it to that goal without having to manually speed up and slow down.

Connect with smartphones

Another feature that the Alpiner comes with is the ability to get notifications on your smartphone. Android notifications allow you to know when your watch starts or stops displaying the time. This makes it a lot easier to know when you need to work out more since you’ll know how long you’ve been exercising. The notifications also let you know when you’ve hit a target so that you can adjust the watch accordingly. This can make it more fun to exercise because now you have more ways to keep track of your progress.

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A type of Alpiner

Having health tracking module

The Alpiner comes with an interesting health tracking module that you can use with your cell phone. With the Android notifications, you’ll be able to measure your heart rate and calories burned, as well as monitor things like your speed and speedometer readings. These can help you to improve your fitness, as well as helping to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout routine. If you’re a runner or biker at heart, these can be incredibly useful.

Able to access large amount of information

One of the nicest aspects of the Alpiner is the amount of information it allows you to access. You can get weather information, internet usage information, and even the time from your cellular phone. If you’re already used to wearing a watch that displays numbers and hands-free functions on its face, the Alpiner is a welcome change. With many watches these days, you are basically getting a smaller version of yourself in a box. With the Alpiner, you get a watch that gives you much more.

Differences between Alpiner and Other Watches

That’s one of the reasons why the Alpiner isn’t as successful at its original promise as the Fitbit and Basepath were: the competition was just as strong. With Fitbit, the watch just had to strap onto your arm, and then do what you wanted to do without needing another hand to help you out. And with the Basepath, you needed to wear your watch while you walked. The Alpiner on the other hand is meant to be more of a fitness companion, than just another timepiece. It’s sleek and durable and comes with a lot of nice features and functions that will allow it to help your life in a number of different ways.

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But it does have one distinct advantage over those two watches in the fitness field: it doesn’t come with a bunch of other apps. The reason for this is that back when the company developed the Alpiner, they wanted to make an all-in-one device. It’s only been since the last few updates that the company has been able to add features like sleep tracking, exercise logs, smartwatch-style interactive entertainment, and voice coaching into its already great package.


If you need anything more: stay patient since there are still some kinks to be worked out, but future fixes are coming, they promise. The Alpiner can support smartwatch-style activities tracking, fitness routines, sleep tracking, and exercise logs. There’s also voice coaching and music playback. If you’re wondering if the Alpiner comes with the same heart rate monitor features as the Fitbit and Basepath, I’ll have to disappoint you… they don’t.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

Alpina Alpiner Watches

Alpina watches is committed to producing extremely robust sport watches that perform to the highest precision and with the greatest reliability in the most demanding situations. Alpina manufactures watches specifically engineered and built to withstand extreme natural environments, especially at high altitudes and great depths. Their functions, materials and usability are purposely designed to ensure that you accomplish your climbing, flying, diving or sailing missions.


Alpina – Alpiner 4 Automatic

Anti-magnetic, anti-shock, water-resistant and stainless; those are the 4 criteria that Alpina outlined in 1938 to make a sturdy sports watch and they still appear in the latest Alpiner 4 Automatic 2017. The new models have two ISO certifications: one for protection against magnetic fields and one for its anti-shock properties. The generous 44mm stainless steel case is proven to be water-resistant to depths of 100m. These assets ensure the self-winding movement is perfectly precise in any condition. The AL-525 calibre in the Alpiner 4 Automatic provides a 38-hour power reserve.

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New Alpina Alpiner Quartz Watches

To many, Baselworld 2019 was underwhelming for a number of reasons including fewer brands present, leaked photos of new models before they were announced and not very many affordable new releases. However, one brand stood out with a new affordable sports watch that may be a worthy addition to many people’s collections. Alpina, the Swiss manufacturer owned by Citizen, released four new Alpiner Quartz watches that belong to their growing Alpiner Collection.


Alpina Brand Review

Alpina is specialized in producing and designing extreme sports watches. Gottlieb Hauser defined the Swiss watchmaker’s mission by requiring that the brand should fulfill 4 main conditions:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Antishock properties.
  • Antimagnetic properties.
  • Water-resistance.


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