What Does Interior Designer Salary Most Depend on?

Recently, the average interior designer salary around the country is somewhere between forty-five thousand and sixty thousand dollars. The majority of designers work in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. Some jobs offer higher salaries than others. Among a variety of factors, it is easy to find out that the interior designer’s salary is most influenced by the type of school they go to, where they live and the main job that they do.

Educational background

The interior designer’s salary varies depending on location and the type of school you attend. Most interior designers make between forty-five thousand and sixty thousand dollars a year. Those in the mid to lower ten percent, like entry-level positions, make around forty thousand dollars a year. While the top ten percent are making around seventy thousand dollars a year, they usually only work part-time because they are not able to command a large amount of salary.

Those with higher educations usually command a higher interior designer salary because they can usually get higher-paying positions. Those with advanced degrees tend to command higher salaries as well because there is usually more competition for them. Many people also choose to go into architecture or design because it allows them to apply their skills to interior design. New York City is home to many of the most prestigious and sought-after architectural firms, so the prices to pay for an architect’s or interior designer’s services are sky-high.


The average interior designer salary around the country is about forty thousand dollars a year. This includes all the commissions, tips, and taxes that come along with it. The interior designer salary in California is slightly less at forty-eight thousand dollars, while in New York it is eighty-eight hundred.

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Most architects make more than eighty thousand dollars a year with a bit of negotiation and on-the-job training. The more credentials that an individual has, the better off they will be. There are several trade schools that offer certificate programs for those just starting out in their careers. These certification programs can also help entry-level designers earn additional credits to increase their chances of being hired by larger firms.

The highest-paid interior designer salaries are reserved for those who are employed by firms with several locations. These individuals may have to travel a lot to meet with prospective clients. Most of the time, they will get small commission checks instead of the customary annual salaries. These salaries, however, are subject to change year by year. If you plan to pursue a career as an interior designer, then you will want to be prepared for big changes coming down the road.

New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are typically the top cities to look for new employment. Each city’s interior designer salary has something to do with its location. A designer living in New York will obviously earn a much higher salary than one who lives in San Francisco. Similarly, a person working in Los Angeles will probably earn less than someone who lives in New York City. These salary numbers will likely change each year because of fluctuations in housing values and the overall cost of living in each of these cities.


A major interior designer will be in charge of the creative process of decorating spaces and how these spaces can be made to enhance people’s lives and make the place a place where they can relax and feel at ease. They are responsible for coming up with a unique vision that will suit different purposes and themes that people have in their homes. This person needs to be a person with wide knowledge on different types of designing, they should be able to work well with clients, be able to put their creativity into action and they should be able to be easily able to communicate their ideas to the client. The person should also be able to analyze their client’s needs and requirements to be able to come up with an appropriate plan.

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There are many companies and businesses who hire interior designers for their offices or business premises and their salaries are also very high. A major interior designer and his salary depend on the kind of client he is handling and the kind of job he is doing. If he is handling corporate projects then he will earn more as compared to the projects he is handling for residential homes or apartments. An interior designer can work as an individual as well and can even start his own company and set up his own office if he wishes to do so. If you’re looking to grow your freelance business, start by creating a website.


It should be fairly easy to understand the differences between these various interior designer salaries by now. Of course, these figures are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to money. Professionals need to take the time to network to be successful. Advertising jobs and retail positions are a great way for professionals to start their careers off. As interior designers continue to grow in their field, the income potential will continue to rise as well.

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