How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome in Windows 10 without Facing Problem

Most people use Internet Download Manager (IDM) because of the download speed it provides. It provides a faster download speed than any other downloader available on the internet. You can check it if you don’t believe us. When you install IDM, the extension is added automatically to your default browser. If you want to know how to add IDM extension in Chrome in Windows 10 then you are at the right place. This article will teach you how to do it by following some simple steps.

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How to Add IDM Extension in Chrome in Windows 10

First of all, you have to download the Chrome web browser from Google and save it to a convenient location on your PC. Next, download and install the Chrome web browser using the Windows or Linux operating system. Make sure that you have also installed the Chrome browser extensions using the same method as earlier.

When you are using the Windows or Linux OS, the Chrome extension manager is a web browser add-on module that comes included with the operating system. You need to open the Chrome extension manager and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you are through with it, click on the “Add/Remove” tab on the add on the manager and browse to the section where you should remove the existing program or software and then click on “Remove now”. It is also advisable that you uninstall any cookies, cache, storage and other extensions that are not necessary.

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Find Chrome extension on add-on store

how to add idm extension in chrome in windows 10

Now, go to the add-on store and find the chrome extension you want to add. Look for the type of file and look for the type of website which supports it. There are numerous extensions available in the Chrome web store. Some popular extensions include Google base translate, Google fonts, Google search bar, Google web guard, Google Chrome, Google translator, and many more. When you find the extension you want, you can click on it and install it. This step is quite similar to the installation of the Google base translate extension.

Read the add-on manager instructions to install the extensions

The final step is to read the add-on manager instructions to install the extensions. It is advisable that you use the internet for this step. On the internet, you will find many tutorials which will help you to install the extensions in an easy manner. You will need to create a homepage for your site from the internet. Then visit the add-on store and click on the add extensions option.

Internet speed which can affect downloading process

Another important thing to remember is that internet speed plays an important role in downloading speed. The speed depends upon the internet downloading option. Therefore, make sure that the downloading option that you have chosen is faster. The major benefit of the extension is that it provides instant feedback.

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Integrated address book

Apart from that, another major advantage is that the user has an integrated address book. When you install the chrome extension manager, it installs an address book that helps the user in finding friends who are using the same web browser. It is quite obvious that the user has an integrated address book. Therefore, when he clicks on any visited website, he gets automatically enrolled in the list. This is an important advantage of this extension.

There are some other advantages of the Google Chrome web browser in comparison to how to add IDM extension in chrome in windows 10 manually. One major advantage is that the web browser provides personal branding which is not provided by other browsers. The users are provided with various tools to monitor their privacy. Apart from that, it provides security to the users by browsing in public areas which are not available in other browsers.


Finally, there are numerous other features that come along with this web extension. You can have the list of all the features in the link below. Make sure that the features that you are interested in are offered by this particular extension. You can easily download it at any time without facing any problem. We hope that now you know how to add IDM extension in chrome in windows 10 manually.

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