Alienware 17in Laptop Review – Best Gaming Laptops

Alienware 17in Laptop was designed by Alienware Inc. who is the leading manufacturer of laptop computers. They are not the most expensive laptop out there but they certainly are one of the most powerful laptop computers available. If you want to play your games on the highest settings then you will definitely want one of these machines. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best Alienware laptop for your needs.

Good Performance

Alienware 17in laptop
Alienware 17in laptop

One of the main factors would be performance. You want a laptop that matches up with your gaming PC and performs well. The Alienware 17in Laptop is available in several different configuration options but the two main models are the Ultimate and the Top. There are several versions available of this laptop.

An Excellent Solution to Cooling Laptop

Another important factor to consider would be cooling. Cooling laptops has become a big issue nowadays and the Alienware 17in laptop has an excellent solution to this. There is an external cooling system that allows the heat to be dissipated effectively so that the laptop does not overheat while you are playing your games. This external cooling system is powered by standard cabling and also has aluminum plates on the rear of the laptop which further increases cooling efficiency.

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Some versions of Alienware 17in Laptop have been enhanced with some cool features. The two main models even have slightly different specifications but both of them are high-end gaming machines. Some versions of the Alienware 17in laptop come with a 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor which is a monster in performance and many other versions come with dual-core i5 processor which is excellent for those who need a lot of computing power without blowing the budget.

Reliable Audio

A good gaming laptop should have reliable audio. For this reason, the Alienware 17in laptop comes with two front earbuds. One pair is designed for gaming and can be detached for use with headphones. The other pair is designed for listening to music and also for connecting the headphones. These two cans do an amazing job at providing clear and crisp audio.

A Very Reasonable Price Tag

The Alienware 17in laptops come at a very reasonable price tag. It is priced at just over one thousand dollars so it is not a high-end gaming laptop. However, the price tag does not come because of high quality but instead because of its compact size and powerful hardware. In terms of graphic design, it has great graphics and specs that will satisfy most gaming enthusiasts.

Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop Review – i7 4800MQ, GTX 780M (4GB), 16GB ram

Great Performance for the Price

With an Alienware 17in laptop, you get great performance for the price. Most gaming laptops are around a thousand dollars. But if you want to enjoy a great gaming experience and at the same time be sure to invest in a good machine, then this is definitely a good choice. Even though it is a high-end machine, it is not too expensive and it fits the bill for most people.

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Offering Top-notch Performance for A lot Less Money

Alienware 17in laptop
Alienware 17in laptop

Alienware 17in laptop are extremely popular because they offer top-notch performance for a lot less money. These laptops are great for gamers and for anyone who wants an affordable laptop that offers a high degree of performance. If you are looking for a powerful gaming laptop that will allow you to play your favorite games without having to spend a lot of money, then look no further than Alienware. These laptops run extremely fast and offer smooth gaming experiences. If you are interested in high performance and sleek design at an affordable price, then take a look at these laptops and you will find what you are looking for.

Offering Two Different Video Cards

One of the best parts about the Alienware m17 r4 laptop is that it offers two different video cards, a standard one as well as a dual video card. This allows you to increase your level of performance and gives you the ability to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. The two standard video cards are Intel’s Celeron Processor support and AMD’s ATI Radeon HD graphics card. If you need high performance, then this is definitely a viable option. The dual graphics card is great for adding another layer of performance for your gaming needs.

Other Noticeable Features

Although Alienware 17in laptop offers high-end gaming technology, they also have many other pieces of hardware that can make your laptop run much smoother. This includes a high-speed wireless connection and support for Windows Vista. They also include an easily portable keyboard with an included stand so you can put it where you want to. This is the best way to take your computing experience to the next level.

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All in all, the Alienware 17in laptop provides you with a great option for a gaming laptop. You get high-end performance, a sleek design, and plenty of extra features for your convenience. All of these things come for under two hundred dollars which is a great value overall. Overall, this is one of the best laptops to buy. The Alienware m17 is well worth the investment if you are looking for the best gaming experience on the market today.

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