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What is a Doodle4Google?


Doodle4Google is an annual contest in many different countries, held annually by Google, for kids to create a Google doodle which will appear on the main Google homepage as a lovely doodle. Kids can create the most beautiful and innovative drawings of their favorite cartoon characters, places, or things, and submit them in the form of doodles. If they become popular enough, they will be used as backgrounds on major search results pages. So how does this type of doodling differ from other types?

Many traditional computer science contests are centered around some sort of inner strength or mathematics problem. Typically, a child’s project will use linear algebra, quadratic equations, or even simple counting and/or graphing techniques. A nice addition to Doodle4Google is that all doodles are based on real-world situations. In other words, the “puzzle” isn’t really a problem at all, it’s more like visualization or an artistic interpretation of something real.

What Makes Doodle4Google So Unique


What makes Doodle4Google so unique is that the designers are allowed to add a short description of the theme of the doodle in each one of the doodles they create. The rules generally state that you have three days to make the most original and fun (but not tacky) doodles. The theme is specified by the age group of the children participating in the doodle competition. The type of subjects the doodles can include, therefore, is very broad-ranging but typically include animals, nature, cars, letters, colors, shapes, and many more.

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The Aim of the Judges

The aim of the judges is to award Google with a grand prize of one million dollars or to at least encourage other doodle enthusiasts to join the ranks of Google’s doodle community. The judging procedure is quite simple and follows the same format as the actual Google Doodle Contest. They will ask you to complete a simple entry form. There is usually a space for your picture, website URL if relevant, and any additional information you would like to include.

Things to Do After Your Entries’ Submission

After you have submitted your entries, you will receive a notification via email of the date and time for the winners’ announcement. You must respond promptly to the winner notification, providing your contact details as well as a link to your website. In cases where no winner is selected, Google will select a random number generator to choose a new winner. The chosen winner will get the full prize amount minus any applicable deductions. The only way to receive any deductions from a prize is through the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

What is more? The fact that Google is a worldwide leader in search technology means that the possibility of an American citizen winning a prize for a Doodle4Google entry is highly likely. The Doodle4Google program is run at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. All submissions are reviewed by full-time Google employees with no ties to the company whatsoever. This ensures that They accept only truly original, quality doodles.

Do not Attempt to Circumvent the Formalities Associated with Doodle4Google Competitions

While making every effort to ensure fairness, Google reserves its right to suspend and/or terminate participants’ accounts if they act in a manner that goes beyond the scope of applicable law. The winner of a Doodle4Google competition may be onrequirement to comply with additional terms and conditions regarding the use of the prize. Failure to comply can result in immediate disqualification. Also, because winners are on the requirement to pay taxes on the value of the prize, the winners register with the appropriate tax authorities.

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Besides, Google Inc owns the Google trademark. Doodle4Google contests are separate from Google and Google does not associate in any way with or sponsor the trademark. Therefore, it is important that you read the terms and conditions associated with the Doodle4Google entry as provided in the entry agreement.

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