What Is CPU Full Form?

Are you wondering about the CPU full form? In this article, we will let you know more details about the full form of the CPU and useful information related to the CPU.

CPU full form

The Full Form of CPU

A central processing unit, otherwise known as a microprocessor, main microprocessor, or just processor, is an electronic circuit that executes commands inside a computer system. The CPU performs common arithmetic, logical, processing, and output/input operations defined by the instruction set in the software program. There are different types of CPUs available for different types of applications. Instructions executed by the CPU are converted into virtual instructions which are then executed by the CPU. Instruction sets, which consist of multiple machine instructions, can be executed one after the other.

One of the many examples of a microprocessor is a personal computer where various processes happen simultaneously. One example is a desktop computer where screen movements are controlled via a mouse or keyboard. The central processing unit or CPU is what controls the system. In a laptop computer, the processing power of the central processor unit is paired with a laptop computer motherboard to form a single unit called the central processor unit or CPU.

3 CPU’s Main Functions

A central processor has three main functions: logical functions, hardware functions, and control unit. Logic functions are what enable a PC or laptop computer to execute instructions. For example, an instruction to load a new image file in memory requires a logical function of loading the image.

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Logical processors

Logical processors perform only logical functions. It means that it can only execute instructions if it already has an effect or result. On the other hand, a hardware processor is a term that actually implements the desired instructions.


The term ‘hardware’ in this context refers to any items that appear in implementing instructions. These items are common hardware such as a microcontroller or digital circuits like LED’s or microprocessors.

An arithmetical processor

An arithmetical processor is a special kind of microprocessor that can implement arithmetic instructions. In contrast to the logical processor, an arithmetical CPU does not have any pre-set execution plan or instruction set. The only thing that an arithmetical CPU is capable of is following a direct instruction, or executing a series of arithmetic instructions sequentially. For this reason, it performs more accurately than its logical counterpart, the logical CPU.

The control unit

The control unit is what controls and manages the overall operations of the CPU. Control units comprise two major categories: microcode control units and hardware control units. A microcode control unit allows the execution of instructions depending on a pre-determined set of rules. On the other hand, a hardware control unit allows an application to initiate actions based on pre-established instructions. The full form of CPU refers to the combined ability of a logical processor and an arithmetically programmed CPU.

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