The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD for dogs
CBD for dogs

The cannabis world has revolutionized alternative medicine over the last decade. And CBD, in particular, has gained massive public interest. This is because of what it provides to the body. Consumers particularly enjoy the compound because it helps to tackle numerous health problems.

Traditional healers use hemp products to treat a couple of health complications. Some of them include insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, and loss of appetite. The question remains can CBD be used on pets? Do they benefit from it? And how do you prescribe CBD for dogs?

As you continue reading, you will find out why CBD for dogs is a big deal presently and how your pet can benefit also. So, without further ado let’s get to it.

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, and it is derived from the hemp plant. Research has taught us that cannabidiol is safe and healthy for consumption when taken in moderation. This means that consumers can enjoy the compound without getting high. An organic CBD consists of only about 0.3%THC. This wouldn’t induce any high feelings in the consumer. 

However, you still have to ensure to shop your CBD from a reliable source. The best hemp providers outsource their products from organic farms. These organic farms use the best technique to extract their cannabidiol compound from the hemp strain.

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Also, the best providers offer a variety of CBD products. As of now, the full spectrum cannabidiol seems to be highly effective and sought after. This is because it has other active ingredients that work well with cannabidiol to provide a remarkable effect.

Why is CBD Beneficial to Dogs?

Dogs just like humans have a system that cannabidiol tends to interact well with. This system is called an Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. This system ensures that the wellbeing of the body is maintained, and in the best possible condition.

Once cannabidiol is ingested, it goes straight to the ECS. It then enhances the performance of the ECS, hence protecting the body against harmful toxins and bacteria. You can find more here on the functioning of the canine endocannabinoid system. 

What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

Cannabidiol products for dogs are still new to the veterinary world. So, the scientific conclusion is based on the medical perspective of what cannabidiol can do and cannot do. As aforementioned, cannabidiol interacts with a Dog’s endocannabinoid system. This, in turn, helps to regulate several body functions of canines and animals alike. As of now, studies tell us that hemp-derived products help dogs in the following ways:

  • Reduction in pain
  • Anti-inflammatory (i.e. arthritis, dermatitis, and hypersensitivity)
  • Managing symptoms of seizures and convulsion
  • Supporting the function of the nervous system.
  • Supporting cardiovascular system
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Supporting immune system i.e. dog cancer, and autoimmune disease
  • Gastrointestinal support

Studies also show that hemp-derived products help dogs deal with anxiety, insomnia, and digestive system issues.

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How do Dogs React to CBD?

CBD for dogs
CBD for dogs

Extensive studies still need to be conducted to determine how well pets ESC reacts to hemp products. Dogs have two major cannabinoid receptors namely CB1 and CB2. Both receptors are responsible for regulating and balancing a dog’s immune system. 

This, in turn, helps to alleviate inflammation, pain, mood, and allergies. A dog’s endocannabinoid system comprises three main components. First, there are the receptors, then there are enzymes, and lastly, the endocannabinoids. 

Endocannabinoids are chemicals naturally produced in the body of a canine. They are produced on demand and then bind to the receptors. This is especially during ailments, injuries, and stress. CBD when ingested also binds with the cannabinoid receptors. This then helps to deal with ailments and other related conditions.

Expert tells us that canines have a higher density of CB1 receptors in the brain. This means that canines do not eliminate Cannabidiol faster. Still, all dogs are different, both in size and breed. Not all of them will get an equal result using hemp products. So, discuss with a veterinarian first before making administering the compound.

CBD for Dogs: Understanding the Different Products

Dog parents will find that there are several options to choose from when shopping for CBD. The different products each have their uses and serve specific purposes. Although products may vary based on brands and manufacturers. Still below are a few common CBD products for dogs.


CBD oil for dogs is also known as oil tinctures. They are extracted from cannabidiol strain either full or broad spectrum that’s been suspended in a carrier oil. Consumers enjoy oil tinctures because they are easy to take, and tend to last longer.

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Capsules and pill

Cannabidiol capsules and pills for dogs are made in similar ways to oils. But the end product is suspended in gel pills or capsules. These are quite popular as well. This is because they are effective for canines who seem to be offended by the taste of hemp oil.


Topicals for dogs are excellent options as well. Topicals are administered onto a canine’s skin to remedy acne and skin troubles. This application method seems to be effective because a dog’s skin has several cannabinoid receptors.

Note that you have to be careful when applying topically to your pet’s skin. I advise that you apply the product to a region with no hair. Also, make sure after applying that your pet doesn’t lick that region for about 45-50mins. This link offers more insight into how you can best use cannabis-infused products for pets. 

Bottom Line

CBD for dogs is effective in alleviating several medical conditions. Still, it is advised to talk to a vet before administering it to your furry friend. This way, you ensure that you follow the right dosage. A vet will also advise against medications that can alter the effect of Cannabidiol for your pet.

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