Is It Safe to Use CBD for Pets?

CBD for Pets
CBD for Pets

More and more pet-lovers are turning to lovers of CBD because of its effectiveness in treating varieties of health conditions. For animal lovers who desire to know more about CBD usage and its safety for pets, this article is a roadmap and a guide to getting much-desired information.

What Exactly is CBD & Is it Safe for Pets?

Cannabidiol is an extract from hemp plants that have been recognized to have important health benefits. It can be extracted from both cannabis seeds or stalk. CBD is a chemical compound with similar features to the cannabis family. Although the parent plant of CBD-hemp is a part of the cannabis family, it is not marijuana and therefore contains little or no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for causing intoxication in marijuana. Unrefined cannabidiol is known to have approximately 0.3% of THC.

These products are fast becoming popular and widely accepted by the health and wellness sector to cure many health-related problems in humans and animals. 

Pure cannabidiol products can be easily dissolved in ethanol to reduce the THC contents in the hemp plant; this makes it more user-friendly for humans and pets. You can check this link for more on CBD for pets. 

Is CBD a Good Supplement for your Pet?

Just like any other issue regarding pets’ health, there is also a lot of opinions and information out there. These variations in views make it hard to determine if this oil is actually a healthy choice for your pet. And also a responsible pet owner, you’re most definitely wondering: is CBD a good supplement for my furry companion?

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Now, although there is no conclusive statistical evidence on the use of CBD for pets, such as dogs. For example, dog owners’ have confirmed that the products help treat pain, particularly neuropathic pain.

It can also be used for its anti-inflammatory qualities for boosting appetite, has potential anti-cancer benefits, and so much more. So yes, this product sure holds a lot of promise but comes with a few cons as well. Always seek professional advice before using it on your pets.

Best CBD Options for your Pets

CBD products can be found in different shops and pet care stores in various forms such as: 


Consumable Cannabidiol can be prepared as a jelly-like candy, otherwise known as Gummy. Every gummy contains the correct amount of CBD extract, just enough for your satisfaction, and can be labeled as “Low or High,” depending on the concentration of the product in them. 

Although gummies are made from it, some people believe that products in this form were prepared for human consumption only, as they argue that the concentration in the gummy can get your animal high. It is said that when prepared for humans, it contains some amount of THC, which can cause serious side effects when eaten by dogs and cats. However, it is not known yet if pets can eat such Gummies.


This edible product is the liquid extract from hemp leaves and stem made by separating the unique cannabidiol blend and distilling it in ethanol to remove some unwanted contents. Then the pure content is mixed with coconut oil and hemp seed oil. Other supplements may be added to improve the taste and as preservatives. This oil is separately prepared for animals. Although humans can still use it, the concentration of cannabinoids in the oil is made so low to fit their body chemistry.

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Examples of the ideal products for pets include those that have been certified by vets. More so, because of the growing popularity of these products, the health and wellness industries have reproduced them in many other forms like bath soaps, body creams, beer, etc. This page has more information on using cannabidiol oil for animals the right way. 

Choosing The Right Dose for Your Pets 

CBD for Pets

CBD is a String substance that has proven quite helpful in helping animals deal with specific health issues. However, it is essential that find the correct dosage when administering it to your pets. Below is a list of things to consider before giving your pet CBD:


Considering the weight of your companions is very important in deciding whether or not a particular dose would be the right amount. Cannabidiol Oil for animals is graded in milligrams(mg) which is the quantity for different sizes of pets. Heavy pets eat more and tend to consume more supplements without showing signs of bad reactions, but the same thing cannot be said about smaller pets. So, chose the dosage for your dog or cat based on their weight.

Type of Pet

No matter the cat’s size, it cannot be compared to the dog’s exact size in the way they will eat food. Cats are picky, and they eat less, while dogs are voracious eaters, so you should consider the difference. Sometimes, you may want to think of choosing a product with a particularly attractive flavor for your animals.

Prescription for Your Pets

This oil is given to the pet as a “tincture”. It is dropped beneath the tongue and held for a few minutes before being swallowed up for faster action. This increases the digestion and assimilation of the oil. You can click through to pethempcompany official website to find more on the ideal products that are safe to prescribe for pets. 

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CBD is a good supplement for your companions. No report has been documented about the harm of using it as an alternative medicine for animals except when used in excess. Although laws haven’t been totally enacted in their favor, they can still be of benefit to your companions when used moderately. 

Before you give your pet CBD, make sure you contact your veterinarian. As they are always informed about the latest brands and will tell you if they’re safe to use or not.

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