Is Rxnt Emr Right for Your Practice? (Updated 2021)

RXNT Healthcare Software 

RXNT has been a strong industry player since 1999. It offers an integrated suite of medical solutions to practitioners that include an Electronic Health Record (EHR), practises management, patient management, billing mechanism, telehealth, and mobile apps. The company revolutionizing the way medicines were prescribed when it started its operations. As of today, more than 52 million prescriptions have been sent through its e-prescribing feature. Keep on reading this detailed RXNT review to decide whether this system is meant for you or not. 

What is RXNT EHR?

RXNT EHR software is a cloud-based electronic health records system that provides scalable features for practices of all sizes. It’s an ONC-Certified software developed by Networking Technologies. They also have other medical software that can be integrated with RXNT EHR, such as RXNT PM, RXNT eRx, etc.

RXNT EHR is considered an all-rounder when it comes to the medical process after its integration with RXNT PM. The company created RXNT EHR after studying healthcare providers’ unique needs with a comprehensive list of features.

Some of the top features of RXNT EHR include:

  • Patient Encounter Module  
  • E-Charting
  • E-Prescription
  • E-Labs
  • Electronic Prior Authorization

RXNT comes in and helps ease the burden of other tasks so you’ll specialise in what really matters; your patients.

Pricing: RXNT EHR pricing starts at $85/month per provider, and their full suite of services starts at $150/month per provider.

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Top features of RXNT medical software 

Designed for all 

RXNT is a one-stop-shop solution for doctors of all specialities. The medical software was a design and develop in a way to maximize time and convenience for practitioners so that they focus solely on providing care. Hence, the system is based on the cloud. Users can access the system from any part of the world, at any time, and that too from any device. The only requirement is an active internet connection. Not only clients can save the hefty cost of hardware but can also provide care on the go. RXNT is suitable for facilities of all sizes as well as for all medical specialities. Customizable check-in, notes, diagnosis, and treatment templates are offering that can be adapting to a facility’s workflows and preferences. 

Prescriptions made easy 

The system offers electronic prescribing that not only saves time but increases clinical efficiency and reduces the transmission of inaccurate information. RXNT’s e-prescribing tool is EPCS-certified by the DEA. This means that practitioners can access a patient’s complete medication history to identify past treatments as well as allergies to certain pills. At the end of a consultation, doctors can prescribe medicines that are instantly shared with pharmacies. In fact, the e-prescribing feature connects with every US retail and mail-order pharmacy. Additionally, this tool makes it easier for doctors to handle requests for prescription refills and ensures that patients do not have to wait to receive their treatments. 

Happy and satisfied patients 

Patients and their satisfaction is the core responsibility of any medical facility. RXNT understands this and hence, offers an engaging patient portal that makes lives easier for patients and practitioners alike. Patients can schedule appointments and update information about their demographics, insurance and payment preferences from the comfort of their homes. Electronic reminders for appointments sending to patients to avoid no-shows and latecomers. Through the portal, patients can pay online for expenses incurred in a secure way. Moreover, patients can directly communicate with doctors to ask follow-up questions, describe symptoms, requests prescription refills and whatever else they desire. Valuable and insightful information is offering to patients in the form of a library from where they can search about illnesses and treatments as well as read content for overall health and wellness. 

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Care on the go 

The changing dynamics of providing healthcare has created a need to provide care on the go. RXNT offers mobile applications that ensure patients are caring for on a timely basis. The apps are hosting on both Android and iOS and can be used on mobile devices and tablets. Complete security is ensuring since the system is HIPAA and EPCS compliant, as well as ONC-ACB, Surescripts and DEA-certified. The RXNT app allows users to schedule and view appointments, access medical records, prescribe medicines, communicate with patients and manage the bill. The Check-In app is using to quickly check in patients and verifies their contact information.

Secure virtual visits 

The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult to receive medical care as there is always a risk of exposure to Covid-19. RXNT’s telehealth feature enables doctors to provide medical guidance to patients irrespective of the geographical location of both parties. Virtual video chats are executing through platforms like SnapMD and Doxy. me that imitate the likes of a physical medical consultation. In conjunction with RXNT’s other cloud-based features, doctors can provide care completely contact-free. 

Is RXNT worth an investment?

RXNT is a well-trusted name in the industry for a reason. This RXNT review analyzed some of the best features and tools offering by the system that is crucial for surviving in the unpredictable climate of today. The company offers a full suite of medical solutions that keep you covered in all aspects and ensures that you achieve maximum clinical, operational and financial performances. While we believe this system is definitely worth an investment, your final decision should be base on whether the tools offering are consistent with your goals, workflow requirements and preferences

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