What is Personal Accident Insurance?

This is one of the most important insurances to take into account, not for the person but for their relatives. Since the well-being of your family will depend on this personal accident insurance.

In case you are not sure what this type of insurance consists of, we will try to explain it in the best possible way so that there are no doubts. First of all, you should know that these insurances cover any accident that causes death or disability on the part of the insured.

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Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance has a series of coverages that you have to know, among them are:

  • Suffocation or injuries resulting from the immersion or submersion of gases or vapors. Also by ingesting liquids or solids that are not food.
  • Infections that come from an accident that is part of the coverage of the policy that you have contracted.
  • Injuries that have been produced in a surgical intervention or medical treatments and are covered by your contract.
  • Injuries that occur due to legitimate defense.

These are the coverages that are taken into account in this type of personal accident insurance. In addition, the coverage usually contracted are:

Accidental death

In this case, the insurer will have to make the payment to the beneficiaries that appear in the policyholder’s contract. Failing that, the legal heirs will receive the capital set in the policy that they have contracted.

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Permanent and total disability

With these personal accident insurance, the insurer will have to pay the amount that has been set in the contract in case there is permanent and total disability due to an accident and that said accident causes total blindness, mental derangement or complete paralysis, other things.

Permanent and partial disability

In permanent and partial disability, the insurer will be responsible for paying the stipulated percentage of the capital. The amount will depend on the severity of the injury, whether it is major or minor. The importance of the injury will be studied according to a table that exists specifically with the general conditions of the policy.


Personal accident insurance can cover medical assistance, be it hospital or pharmaceutical.

The options that exist are the following:

  • The service they offer you is paid for by the health center that enters the insurance company.
  • The medical or clinic service is freely chosen by you and the insurance company takes care of the expenses.

It is very normal for personal accident insurance to emphasize the coverages that do not enter and are excluded so that it is clear in the event of an accident what the insurer faces.

In this case that we have seen, if there are diseases or surgical interventions that are not caused by an accident, it does not fall within the coverage or injuries suffered in a state of mental disorder or drunkenness, neither does this type of insurance cover it.

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