A​​ Beginner’s Guide To Learn Web Scraping And How You Can Automate It

Information is liberation, and data is king. In a world of the internet and digitalization, almost everyone, especially businesses, can benefit from the World Wide Web.

One of these benefits is data, lots of it. This data can help businesses compete globally and reach a market beyond their borders. All these were impossible before the coming of the internet and its explosion. However, businesses have also learned that gathering this data can be challenging. For instance, some businesses get stopped by geographical restrictions while others get stopped by mechanisms such as regular website changes and CAPTCHA tests.

To overcome these problems, web scraping was automated, and now businesses can use intelligent tools to scrape any website in the world easily. These tools can also be conveniently used to extract data from multiple sources at once. Today, we will show you how to use an auto web scraper to automate web scraping to get the best out of this important exercise. You can try this right now with this Instagram scraper tool.

Web Scraping

What Is Web Scraping?

Web scraping can be defined as the process of using tools and computers to interact with numerous data sources, extract their content, parse it and store it in the available storage unit.

This process involves using highly sophisticated tools such as web scrapers and private proxies to navigate these data sources while bypassing and eliminating every hindrance on the path.

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Some web scraping processes involve handling and extracting from the entire website, while others focus on specific data types.

The latter is often done with APIs, and the process is generally referred to as API web scraping. Yet, regardless of the processes a brand chooses, the result is always an abundant supply of relevant information that can be used to improve how business is done.

How Can Companies Gain From Web Scraping?

Web scraping confers several benefits which companies that perform it regularly, and hence, businesses can use it in so many ways, including the following:

1. Business Intelligence and More Insights

Today, businesses need to be more intelligent in making a decision and their general approach.

Business intelligence can be developed after studying a large amount of market data and understanding the patterns they present.

Brands can also get insights from data to know how to conduct business rather than relying on feelings and emotional sentiments.

2. Product Optimization

The best way to manufacture products is to consult data and what it has to say. This is recognized as product optimization or producing precisely what the market wants.

Web scraping supplies the data that tells businesses what to make and what market to penetrate next.

Another set of data can be used to optimize prices and create a competitive pricing strategy that can outperform the competition and dominate the market.

3. Competitor Research and Monitoring

Web scraping is one of the best tools for keeping an eye on your competition regardless of where they are in the world.

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You can use the tools and data web scraping provides to research your most vigorous competition and even understand what to do differently to rank above them.

Types of Methods for Gathering Data

There are significant ways to harvest data from the internet – manual and automated processes.

The manual process is the older method of data extraction, and while it does give you the chance to also take a nip at the large pie of data on the internet, it does so in the most painstaking and gruesome way possible.

For instance, you can only scrape one web page at a time with manual scraping, and even those that can scrape multiple pages at once make use of scraping bots that break easily when specific structures on a website change.

This makes it very slow and overwhelming. The process is tasking and ends up producing data that is outdated. This made it inefficient and led to the invention and eventual explosion of automated web scraping.

Automated web scraping, the modern way of harvesting data, uses sophisticated tools to interact with multiple websites and collect their content quickly.

This process can scrape millions of data pages in just a matter of hours, making it not just fast but very efficient. 

The data harvested is also more accurate and valid, making it even more valuable and valuable. It is, therefore, the recommended way for companies to gather publicly available data online.

How to Perform Automated Web Scraping

Since automated web scraping holds so much value, it is important to learn how to do it properly. One significant way of doing this could be to learn how to use an auto web scraper.

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This would allow you to purchase and set up an in-house solution that automates data extraction and runs inside your company to quickly get the data you need to make better business decisions.

However, doing this could also require a dedicated in-house team to run and manage the system. This adds to the overall cost and may be unsuitable for your brand, especially if you are a small or medium-scale company.

Another way of automating web scraping could be to outsource the task to a third-party firm whose primary job is building tools and scraping data.

Doing this will relieve you of the need to hire more staff or spend time, money, and effort working the tools as the entire task is left to the experts at the outsourcing firm. Check here to learn how web scraping is used in the automotive industry.


Web scraping is now an integral part of what makes a business thrive and survive today, and if you are new to it, you may choose to do it yourself by buying and owning the tools.

Alternatively, you could outsource the task to experts and professionals. The choice is mainly based on the size of your company. But the bottom line is data needs to be scraped somehow if you want to excel in business.

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