How I Earn $300+ Monthly from Selling Guest Posts

Guest blogging or guest posting can be a great source of income these days, but not everyone knows how to make use of it, how to find more clients, how to get more orders for making a living.

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So, who should read this post?

  • Interested in exploring new ways to make money online
  • Being a reseller but have no or just a few guest-post orders
  • Being a website owner but did not earn much from guest posts
  • Having author accounts on several websites but don’t know how to make use of them

Do you own a website? Or maybe you’re an author on a website, or you’re just reselling guest posts. This post is for you. Below, I’ll share the Top 3 platforms that give you unlimited orders of guest posts that anyone can easily start doing and earning. Below is a screenshot capturing some orders I got and completed in December 2021.

Get more guest post orders
Get more guest post orders

Top 3 Guest Post Platforms Yielding Dozens of Orders Monthly

Guest Post Platforms


ADSY is a platform that helps both publishers (sellers) and marketers (buyers) reach the highest results in content marketing. Specifically, buyers are searching for quality websites on Adsy to make a purchase and sellers are advertising the sites they can publish buyer’s articles.

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Simply, publishing a guest post on a website can be done by a number of publishers. If you can perform well after you receive orders, your rating will be high, then more and more clients will choose you and give you orders to publish their articles.

What you should do to start earning on Adsy?

Step 1: Sign up an account on Adsy using this link: Adsy

After logging in using the login credentials you have just signed up for, you can see the dashboard like below:

Step 2: Click on the “Add website” button -> Agree & Continue

Step 3: Fill in the website you can publish articles -> Next

Step 4: Fill in the prices and other needed information -> Update

You can check all the sites you have added with price details here:

Tips for competing for orders on a website

As there may be already a number of publishers on a website. So, the easiest way to compete to receive orders from a website is that add a price as low as possible, as long as you still have profit.

The minimum fee for adding a website is $10. However, Adsy will show the buyer at nearly $15 ($14,29) which means the price is multiplied by 1.429

So, if you have an author account, we recommend adding the lowest price ($10) to get orders quickly.

2. iCopify

The 2nd Platform is which is similar to Adsy. Just sign up -> Add website at reasonable prices to compete with other publishers -> Receive dozens of orders.

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3. Linkdeploy

Let’s sign up and do the same as the 2 platforms mentioned above. Hope that you can earn much more than I did, and let me know when you really make it.

GlobexOutreach – Guest Posting services

Globex Outreach is a well-reputed provider of Guest Posting services that understand the importance of backlinks serving as a solid “vote” that reflects confidence. The company understands how the content of a business website makes it incredibly valuable when strong sources link back to the website.

The stronger the backlinks, the more credible the website gets. is very selective about where to host the content of your business website and establish credibility and authority while acting on the two parameters of context and relevance.

Their highly-skilled writers know how to provide high-quality content, whereas their exclusive database of bloggers from all kinds of niches is sure to provide the perfect platform for the content to rank and gain value in the eyes of online readers.

By contacting the right guest posts service providers, you won’t only reach your target audience but also establish domain authority, boost website traffic, and expand your clientele.

How to Find All the Content related to a Keyword on a Website – Not Everyone Know

Smart Tip

Google Algorithm is often updated with brand new and convenient searching structures for us to find the most suitable content on any website. And from my perspective, here is one of the most useful tips to do this task. You should try using the below searching structure: + Targeted Keyword

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For example, to find all the marketing-related articles/pages on, you should use: marketing

And, below is the result:

Hopefully, this trick can lend you a hand in getting powerful backlinks along with your compelling piece of content and boost your website’s ranking in a short time.

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