Best Trends In Web Development To Be Aware Of This Year

Digital market requirements are pretty dynamic and tend to change from year to year. Web creation isn’t an exception, so businesses have to stick to trends of this domain in order to make their products stay sought-after and competitive.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the list of the most in-demand web development trends to choose from for the current year. Let’s begin!

Voice Assistants

The first trend in our list is voice searching as well as assistance. ComScore research concluded that a prevalent part of all mobile device users is applying voice search technology in 2020. The main benefits of this technology are essentially conducting searches with the help of voice as well as notifying users concerning upcoming events and completing other actions requested with the voice.


To integrate voice search optimization into the product, developers apply Web Speech API, which comprises two elements: recognition of the query and synthesis. Thus, the solution comprehends the speech and can respond to the query. Synthesizing process refers to text to speech conversion to allow scripts to read the text. 

The successful integration of this solution should be:

  • Mobile and user-friendly, easy-to-use
  • Keywords with over 2-3 phrases (to increase the ranking of your page)
  • Featured snippets to easier respond receiving for voice assistants

AI-Based Chatbots

Chatbots operating via Artificial Intelligence are an optimized way to provide customers with 24/7 support regardless of the company’s domain. This solution substantially enhances client service as well as a satisfaction level. The main functions are responding to frequently asked questions, online assistance, orders processing, etc. According to statistics, banking services will automate about 90% of client interactions by engaging chatbots in 2022.


The most widely-applied constructors used for chatbots development are Microsoft Bot Framework,, and Dialogflow

Besides, the AI-powered chatbot should be trained on proper text construction and correct query analysis, so you should hire web developer with solid expertise in this technology if you would like to implement one into your web product. In case you want to examine interesting examples of chatbots, you may consider Madison Reed, a hair changing bot, and Lindl Winebot, a solution recommending the wine to purchase and discover the process of its making.

Motion UI

An excellent way to attract clients’ attention within the website is motion UI, Sass library, and CSS conversion. JavaScript framework provides sufficient flexibility to fit the technology in a web page of any theme.

The modern market expands UI variations with AR/VR solutions, which provide simplified user interaction. This feature may be realized in many ways; in lots of cases, it is used for advertising banners or moving video content on web pages. 

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Dark Mode Design

There’s no secret that we spend lots of time on our smart devices daily. To make the usage process more comfortable, there’s the latest trend in design standardization, which is dark mode. Its main advantages are:

  • Comfortable usage even with low light
  • Decreased consumption of energy
  • Minimized of eyes’ dryness or strain

Many world-famous brands have already released this trend in their products, like Gmail, Twitter, Slack, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, etc. Their clients are provided with such a great UI concept, having a choice between the light and dark modes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The next trend is IoT, which implies interconnected smart home devices as well as wearables embedded with sensors. This technology allows entities to provide their services more rapidly with an enhanced individual experience. Why is IoT worth implementing in 2022?

  • Solidity results in an efficient outcome lacking delays and failures
  • Security and assistance for sensitive data of clients as well as the company
  • Scalability with data gathering and processing regardless of its capacity

There are already excellent examples of state-of-art technologies founded with the IoT improving our daily lives. To illustrate, Smart Cities, various wearables, IoT tracking systems, Smart contact lenses, etc.


The trend of cybersecurity refers to innovative solid solutions to advance the protection of the web product from data privacy violation.

A highly-potent safety system for the prevention of alteration, removal, elicitation, further extorting, and other cyberattacks, as well as illegal actions, is a must for every competitive website nowadays. Besides, it is crucial to provide for violent actions that affect the system or device operation as well.


The 2022 solutions to enhance the security’s solidity are the following:

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Firewalls
  • Vulnerability scanners

Please note that this list is dynamic as the cybersecurity threats change as well as the safety requirements for digital products.

Serverless Architecture

This trend allows programmers to build a web solution with no need to think over the basal infrastructure. 

To put it in practice, a great illustration of serverless architecture is Function as a Service (FaaS). Its operating concept is the following: developers create the web app’s script a set of separate functions, every single one of which completes certain assignments. The next step is the testing phase and the deployment of their functionality as well as their triggers to a cloud vendor account. 

After completing the function fetching, the cloud vendor hosts it on an existing server or sets a new server for features operation. This trend allows web builders to focus on the script development for the web app, whereas the implementation process is performed without their involvement.


Another brand-new, competitive web creation technology is 5G providing high rapidness and cutting down latencies for higher consumer satisfaction when they browse your web page. As a result, the issue with the loading speed is finally eliminated. Such fast content delivery engages users to use your product more often. 

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Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

The concept of this solution is a web app consisting of a one-page browsing single document. This peculiarity conditions the fact that such digital solutions do not require refreshing, and a prevalent content part remains the same, whereas a fewer material needs to be updated. In case the content requires changing, JavaScript APIs are applied for SPAs.

Users can go through the content without the need to load it from the server. This way, the experience is dynamic, rapid, functional, and similar to the one when using native solutions. 

Global companies have introduced their SPAs to customers. To illustrate, Gmail interface elements are almost unchanged. The inbox comprises the remaining sidebar as well as the header, and when receiving the email, it simultaneously represents the change by processing the material with JavaScript.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs introduce a performance similar to one of the solutions built for particular OSs. In a nutshell, such web apps comprise the functionality which was available only for native products before (such as offline access/ push notifications). 

The PWA Stats report indicates that such a solution brings brands or companies which have introduced their PWAs to success. Talking about the other benefits of these web pages, they are the following:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Security
  • Adaptiveness
  • Simplified support
  • SEO-friendly


Most used technologies to build a PWA comprise Angular, React, and Lit. Despite the performance similar to the native applications, this digital product requires four times less development time in comparison with the first option. This is another obvious benefit.

There are lots of PWAs we use daily; the most popular are Alibaba, as well as Twitter Lite.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are another web development trend for 2022, as they serve as a great marketing tool for any business domain. Depending on the industry, brands are able to provide users with personalized discounts, suggestions, items in stock, new blog posts, or any other engaging info through this feature. 

In practice, there are several trending types of push notifications, which are worth implementation in a web product:

  • Real-time updates mode. In practice, users are notified concerning the delivery updates or weather changes.
  • Engaging in the website. It refers to previously discussed reminders, customized suggestions, and relevant recommendations.
  • Client retention. Customers will stay attracted in case push notifications ensure a more individual approach. This type is similar to the previous option.


Developers mainly use OneSignal, PushBots, and VWO Engage to integrate push notifications in web products. Besides, you should outline the marketing strategy for this feature (content, delivering frequency, etc.) to understand what function push notifications should carry out for business advancement. For this, you should analyze client behavior and write laconic yet meaningful content for notifications based on the research outcome. Furthermore, the readymade pushes should be put in priority by the significance in terms of sending and should have a timetable with an optimal delivery time.

Low-Code/No-Code Architecture

Low-code development implies the opportunity for clients to develop digital solutions via the readymade templates of design and script blocks for applications as well as flows. Thus, the development time significantly decreases. 

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Similar to the technology described above, no-code development platforms (NCDPs) enable users with no solid competence in web development to build solutions with the help of existing configuration samples and UIs. 

These two approaches differ from each other by the following points:

  • Dissimilar aims. NCDPs are suitable for specific business requirements, whereas low-code ones are a great choice for on-demand, accessible software creation.
  • Dissimilar expertise level. Tech-savvy specialists commonly go for a low-code platform using, and clients lacking development expertise usually apply no-code ones. 
  • Dissimilar design. NCDPs usually ensure drag and drop interactions in terms of design, while low-code implies the creation paradigm, same with the high-code web development. 


The list of excellent platforms for low-code/no-code development comprises Salesforce Lightning, Kissflow, AppSheet, and Microsoft Power Apps. The proper choice is individual and depends on the business needs of each company.

Responsive Websites

The responsive approach refers to a web design, named RWD design as well which enables websites and pages to adapt to any screen size of all gadgets. That’s why such solutions as Slack, Shopify, and Dribbble have already adopted this development approach. 


Responsive web design can be built via the tools like Webflow, Origami Studio, Imagify, and Bootstrap. You should find out more about each instrument in order to select the perfect one for your business goals.

API-First Creation

Sophisticated websites with complex functionality should have an architecture allowing integration of the other services into the solution. You can compare the API-first web development approach with the traditional one by looking at the image below:


The main technologies used to design APIs primarily are Swagger and API Blueprint

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPS)

The AMP project was introduced by Google in 2015, implying instantly loading web pages with a flawless performance on mobile gadgets. The loading process takes 2 seconds for AMPs and 22 seconds for ordinary web pages. 

amp pages

Apart from the rapidity advantage, the website is placed higher on the search engine results page (SERP). Thus, it’s an excellent way to increase the web page’s visibility for end-users.


The list described above will considerably increase the competitiveness as well as the customer engagement for your web product. Yet, each of the 2022 web development trends should be integrated qualitatively into your solution. That is why you should apply to a credible software development company, specialists of which will conduct a comprehensive consultation and provide you with recommendations on the most suitable and demanded trends according to your domain. In addition, you’ll receive an excellent web product with top technologies implemented by professionals. Thus, a trustworthy and experienced web development vendor is a way to expand your business and attract a broader audience to it.

Author’s bio:
Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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