Smart Home Trends To Look For In 2022

Technology is ruling over almost everything in our daily lives, like health, education, and of late, running our homes. Industries have come a long way in making our houses smarter, from talking devices, like vacuum cleaners and refrigerators to virtual assistants. Here are some of the smart home trends to look for in 2022.

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Smart Devices for Fitness and Health

People have become more aware of their health lately. From smartwatches to tracking heart rate and oxygen levels, sales of health products have soared after the pandemic. The sales of smart gym devices like treadmills with large screens, training cycles, rowing machines, thousands of video and audio content on fitness, and voice-enabled control fitness devices are also expected to increase.

Sleep tech is also one of the ways that are already booming in the industry and will continue to improve in the future. People have already started using smart beds that allow people to sleep better and identify any sleep disorders that they might have.

Home Security and Access Control

It is a must-have and an essential feature of any smart home. Manufacturers are making home security automated and working on creating solutions that are sophisticated enough to withstand cyber-attacks. The alarm system has become modern, and functions like motion sensors and remote arming are features you should expect in future devices.

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A robust home security system brings along peace of mind. You can see your pets while you are out, track packages delivered to your porch, know about your kid’s well-being after they are back from school, and know when someone tries to break into your house.

To increase the security of your devices, you should also use a VPN for a PC and all your smart gadgets. WiFi becomes secured when the best VPN connects them with the devices. It safeguards your home from any intruders who might try to get into your devices and get details about your personal life.

Smart Light Systems

Smart homes are incomplete without Smart light systems. They let you save a lot of energy consumption. Nowadays, light systems have many functionalities like remote activation, gesture sensor, and voice activation. You can expect to see a more advanced feature added to the lighting system. One of these features is lights that automatically adjust the intensity of the light based on natural light in the room. Also, light simulation effects can be added to these systems that will add a security function to any home that is left unattended for a long duration.

Robotic Helpers

Robots have been running in the trend for a long time now. They offer a hassle-free life and operate autonomously. They can be used for mowing the lawn, cleaning swimming pools, washing windows, and mopping floors. The pandemic has made people aware of their usage, and sales have skyrocketed. According to researchers, these numbers will increase further in the coming years. The markers are expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.8% to reach $24.8 billion in 2026 from $ 8.9 billion in 2021.

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Occupancy and Smart Sensor

The heart of the smart home experience lies in sensors. You can use the motion sensor to turn on the light or trigger the security camera. Smoke and CO2 sensors must be present in every household, whether it is a smart home or not. Glass breakage sensors are a vital element of smart home security systems. They reduce clutter and enable the expansion of smart devices.

However, there is an issue with sensors that these sensors are bulky and serve only a single purpose. Sometimes, they also need to be installed correctly to detect movement.

Occupancy sensors detect any movement in the room and react accordingly. For example, the Nest hub is an occupancy sensor that detects motion and sound to track your sleep level.

Better Energy Efficiency and Recyclability

The E-waste problem is one of the major problems the world faces in the modern world. Many components in technology are difficult to recycle or reuse. It is essential to find a solution to reduce waste generated daily.

Companies like Apple and Google have been working on recycling most components of phones and mobile devices. Google aims to use recycled materials in all its products by 2022.

You can expect more companies to jump on board and follow this trend of using recycled materials in their products. They attempt to make reusing old devices easier and simpler rather than dumping them.

Hands-Free Handles

Smart Faucet is yet another trend making its way, especially after the pandemic. It creates fewer pathways for spreading germs and prevents the spread of illness. It also allows users to control the water flow and temperature by showing hand gestures. The devices are also voice-activated, offering personalization options and flexibility to the customer. Some manufacturers also manufacture devices that can deodorize systems to keep the whole room fresh.

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