Using Snapsupport for Remote Assistance

What is SnapSupport?

SnapSupport is a unique platform for service support powered by smartphones, the internet and IoT. With SnapSupport, managing and making problems with machinery are easy, and technical support is only available on call from the smartphone (or smart glass) of a client/ technician. In addition, with the simplicity of the interface and the automatic generation of service status icons, this is an excellent tool for small and medium businesses that are moving into the professional market. SnapSupport is available for CNC machines and lathes as well as for milling machines, plasma cutters, sanders, routers, and grinders. With SnapSupport you can have your own unique system that can be used as part of your manufacturing process or can be sold to your customers.

When was SnapSupport Used?

Okay so, let’s talk about this for a second, shall we? Let’s say that we have a problem with our company’s milling machine. It goes out of spec and we don’t get any new parts, no new machines are bought, and we don’t hear from the manufacturer for a few weeks. This would be the perfect time to get somebody else to do the work, but with our very own proprietary software program, it would be difficult to find somebody to help out without sending it over to SnapSupport – the exact same software that we use internally at our company to manage everything.

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How SnapSupport Helps Teams & Customers?

Advantages of SnapSupport

Used with different types of machines

So what does this have to do with SnapSupport? Now back to why it is a co-founders support platform. Well, first of all, it supports many different types of machinery. The company also works very quickly, as we’ve found out. The founder’s background is in the field of electronics, specifically microprocessors and microchip products, but he was actually a field technician. Honeywell, so he knew a lot about these products. With that expertise and background, and with the help of SnapSupport, he built this support platform.

Well, as we previously mentioned, SnapSupport supports many different types of devices and can be used as a co-founded support platform for a device manufacturer. For example, if our company manufactures a lathe, and we encounter problems with some of the machines or a particular part, then we can use this platform to quickly get the information we need, troubleshoot the problem, and reproduce the problem again (if necessary). This allows us to leverage the power of manufacturing while taking care of the technical details ourselves.

Easy to use

What can we do with it? For one thing, SnapSupport is cloud-based, meaning that we don’t need to be an expert to use it. That’s because it’s designed to run on backend servers and is completely client-side, which means we can access it from any browser. That way, we can get expert help when we need it most, whether we’re dealing with electrical maintenance, data center automation, or just general hardware issues that are causing problems throughout our operations. This is really very important in the field of technicians.

SnapSupport Process

Support different manufacturers

Can you see how this could be useful? Well…for one thing, it means that we’re always in “the loop”, as far as these things go. For another thing, let’s face it, repairing machinery is hard work, and when something goes wrong, it’s usually because of something that we’ve done wrong – and this is especially true if we use SnapSupport – we can resolve issues and have the information fast. And since SnapSupport supports so many different manufacturers, we can also have a look at what other people have sent in, to see if they have had any problems with the same hardware or model. This could really come in handy.

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Perform unlimited functions

There are a few different things that you can do with SnapSupport. you can add an unlimited number of modules. These are basically customized plug-ins that you can plug into SnapSupport, which allow you to perform a number of different functions. For example, one of these may allow you to perform device diagnostics, ask questions, upload diagnostic images, upload device logs, send custom messages, create alerts, and so much more. These are all things that a mobile customer support team wouldn’t be able to do unless they had the app.

Remote assistance

Of course, one of the best things that SnapSupport offers is remote assistance. You can easily add a mobile device technician to your support team using SnapSupport‘s remote assistance module. This way, you can take care of everything from installing new batteries in your equipment to scheduling routine maintenance checks without having to actually be in your office. With this platform, your mobile customer support platform doesn’t have to be limited by anything but your imagination.

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