Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases

Having a good smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S9, you’ll most likely want to safeguard it from damage and scratches. That’s why shopping assistants will suggest you buy a case. But there are so many items on the market. How do you choose a perfect fit? Hard or silicone? Flip or cover? If you want to maximize your case functionality, consider wallet phone cases.

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases

This type of phone protection combines a phone case and a wallet. A cardholder case usually looks like a book, covering the front part of the phone. It can hold 1-4 credit cards and a small amount of cash. This article will review the Top 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases.

Introduction to the S9 and S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases in Black
The screenshot was taken on the official Samsung website

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus came out in 2018. They took some features from their previous S8/8+ versions. One of them is Infinity Display, making it a hallmark of Samsung products. The phone gives the impression of holding a screen thanks to a seamless look and the extra-long aspect ratio display.

Thanks to the curved screen, the phone retains its original screen size but becomes thinner than conventional models. But such a screen has its flaws. The phone is slippery to hold, attracts fingerprints, and is more prone to scratches than a metal back.

As a result, there are abundant phone cases to protect the phone and put important cards inside. The large supply on the market makes it difficult for sellers to stand out from the crowd. Being an online retailer, you’ll need to stay on the curve and not just sell goods but prioritize a seamless shopping experience.

Suppose your website works on Magento CMS. How do you encourage visitors to buy Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder cases from your store? The website should meet the latest security and functionality standards. For example, it applies to the Magento 2 version being released and Magento 1 no longer supported.

This news makes many store owners ditch M1 and move to M2. What are the reasons for migrating to Magento 2? The outdated website will cost you more due to security issues, lack of support from developers, and a narrower choice of SEO features. The migration isn’t smooth sailing. However, overcoming Magento 2 migration challenges will pay off in the long run for retailers who care about their business future.

10 Best Cardholder Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9

With so many variations available, it might be challenging to pick the perfect case for you. To make things easier, I’ve compiled a list of wallet cases for the S9.

1. OCASE Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Black leather OCASE Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Image credit: Amazon

The OCASE is the top-rated wallet case on Amazon. Among more than 1,700 reviews, the item has 79% of customers rated with five stars. This premium handmade leather case protects your phone from dents, scratches, and other everyday wear and tear. What makes it so acknowledged?

  1. This wallet case has a stable kickstand and a professional design.
  2. The stand function allows you to adjust the phone for the optimum reading or watching posture.
  3. There are slots for three cards and one bill compartment for your cash and bills.
  4. It’s all-around shockproof with shock-absorbing capabilities and water resistance.
  5. The case is precisely cut so that you can easily insert headphones and a charger. 
  6. It supports wireless charging.
  7. The magnetic clasp will secure everything by closing it up.
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2. MMHUO Case for Samsung Galaxy S9

rple leather MMHUO case for Samsung Galaxy S9 with embossed mandala pattern flower

Image credit: Amazon

Another cardholder case is MMHUO for Samsung Galaxy S9. This product has been reviewed 793 times and has 74% of five stars. The first thing that attracts attention is the embossed mandala pattern flower. It looks appealing to women and girls. This Samsung Galaxy S9 leather case consists of synthetic PU leather with a soft TPU shell on the outside and a magnetic closure to protect your phone and cards from drops and scratches.

Do you see how conveniently this Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case is fitted with two card slots and a cash pocket? The manufacturer crafted a sturdy snap to hold your cards and cash securely. You can turn the case into a kickstand. This position will allow you to enjoy watching movies, videos, or FaceTime with your hands-free.

3. Neoprene Cell Phone Pouch

Gray neoprene cell phone pouch

Image credit: Amazon

Another phone case is more than a cardholder. It’s a pouch that can hold your cash, earbuds, credit cards, charging cable, etc. The case has 110 ratings, and 74% have five-star reviews. The cushioned neoprene fabric prevents the contents from water, scratches, and drops. You can carry it to the gym, beach, camping, and other places where you need additional protection. You can put anything that matches the phone size, such as a passport, other electronic devices, credit cards, etc.

As you can see, it has double zippers. They ensure additional protection and allow you to take your phone out faster, which is especially useful on the go. For example, when you ride a bike, walk, or shop. This protective cell phone holder has a lanyard strap. The minimalistic design makes it appropriate for any use, whether traveling or business.

4. ProCase Galaxy S9 Wallet Case

Alt tag: Black and beige ProCase Galaxy S9 wallet case

Image credit: Amazon

Look at this offering from ProCase. This Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder has 4.5 out of five ratings with almost 3,900 reviews. The wallet case comes at an affordable price and combines stylish and attractive features. It has two card slots and a separate cash sleeve to stuff it with your emergency money.

What differentiates this product from others is a built-in mirror. Apart from beautiful color combinations, this wallet has a metal fastening clasp to protect your phone and money from accidental falling out.

You can attach a hand wristlet strap which makes carrying your phone even more comfortable. There is also a kickstand. It allows you to turn the phone and put it in a comfortable position to watch videos full-screen without holding it in your hands.

5. V VRS DESIGN Case with Hidden Storage

Ultraviolet V VRS DESIGN case with hidden storage

Image credit: Amazon

You may want to choose a case without a screen flap. It may be more convenient to see your screen without opening the magnetic clasp each time you hear the notification, right? That’s where the V VRS DESIGN case will be to your taste.

This case includes a secret flap on the back of the phone to hold cash and cards. This compartment provides room for five cards and money. You can prop up the phone by opening the flap to turn the phone into a horizontal position. The case has 21 ratings, with 60% of purchasers marking it with the highest score.

What materials participate in securing your phone in daily use? There are dual layers. A strong and hard PC material and a soft, flexible inner layer made of TPU build a shield for better shock absorption. Thanks to Air Cushion Technology and four-corner protection, this case becomes even more reliable. The manufacturer promises precise cutouts to ensure nothing gets in the way when you plug the charger or earbuds. 

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6. AKHVRS Leather Wallet Case

KHVRS wallet case for Galaxy S9

Image credit: Amazon

The next cardholder is more like a purse with a built-in Galaxy S9 case. It has 11 slots to accommodate your cards, cash, licenses, and photos. The phone case is detachable, hard, and magnetic. So you can easily take it from the purse and utilize it separately depending on the situation.

The case is quite expensive due to the premium selected leather. It’s highly protective. Do you see the zip and the snap-on button ensuring nothing falls out? The magnetic back cover will securely fasten the mobile phone case and won’t influence the work of the phone, credit cards, or other electronic devices. Do you feel like it’s unnecessary and bulky? There is no problem removing it.

The case doesn’t interfere with the use of the camera, buttons, charger, and other connected devices, thanks to exact cutouts. This high-quality cowhide material will suit any occasion while storing essentials and protecting the phone. The case can boast 612 ratings and 62% of five stars with all its benefits.

7. TORU [CX PRO] Wallet Cover

TORU [CX PRO] wallet cover with sakura flowers

Image credit: Amazon

Here is another Samsung Galaxy S9 cardholder case with almost 1,500 ratings and 69% of five-star reviews. How is it different from other cases? It’s all about design. The case has a hinged cover over the entire area of the phone, not a screen cover or a small compartment like previous items.

The case is dual-layered scratch-resistant polycarbonate with a flexible soft bumper shell to protect the phone screen and camera from drops and scratches. The buttons are responsive. And perfect cutouts let you use the phone without removing the case.

According to customer reviews, it’s practical and long-lasting, sealing tightly to keep cards safe. There is a storage pocket for an ID and two or three credit cards. You also get a mirror and a micro-USB adapter included in the price. 

8. Aunote Samsung S9 Case Wallet

Alt tag: Black Aunote Samsung S9 case wallet

Image credit: Amazon

If you are looking for a case suitable for a professional situation, consider the Aunote Samsung S9 case wallet. Its simple design drives attention thanks to its high quality and attractive appearance. As a result, the case has collected 4,611 ratings with 68% of five stars.

Instead of a long clasp, it has a small magnet to keep everything in place. But it doesn’t mean it poorly protects the contents. It works well, closes gently and opens easily, and won’t cause you to lose your credit card by accident. The seller says it’s better than a regular Galaxy S9 folio case. The reason is that big magnets may impact signal, compass, and wireless charging. As a cash and cardholder, this folio case holds only one credit card.

This solution keeps the case thin, which is a perfect balance if you need space only for a primary card or a pass. The case keeps your belongings from damage and dirt with a PU leather shell and a TPU inner casing.

9. Goospery Canvas Wallet

Gray Goospery canvas wallet with a sandy brown clasp 

Image credit: Amazon

Are you tired of leather and boring cases? Look at this tweed-style case for the Galaxy S9 by Goospery. A high-quality canvas fabric makes this case one-of-a-kind and breathes new life into your ordinary phone. You can choose from eight colors: black, navy blue, orange, etc.

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The case has everything you need to replace your wallet. There are three card slots, a currency pocket, which a leather-accented magnetic fastening safeguards. That’s what most cases can provide. But if you focus on the style and novelty, the case ticks all the boxes. The item was reviewed 423 times on Amazon with an average score of 4.3 out of five.

10. LakiBeibi Galaxy S9 Case

Black LakiBeibi Galaxy S9 case with cardholders

Image credit: Amazon

The last one on the list is the LakiBeibi Galaxy S9 case. What can you say about this cover? It’s a classic black leather case that comes with a screen protector. The raised bezels for all corners ensure your phone won’t get scratched or damaged in daily use. Thus, it secures your phone from all sides.

On the reverse side, you can see built-in storage. It can contain four credit cards, cash, or bills. Note that this decision to make a wallet on the back has drawbacks. For example, a case might be too thick to allow wireless charging to pass through. What can you do to charge your phone wirelessly? You will have to remove the case or take out all the contents so that the metal cards don’t interfere with charging.

Nevertheless, it’s a great solution if you want to get rid of your wallet. The case has enough compartments and doesn’t get too bulky due to the extra cover and layers. The double magnetic closure keeps your money from slipping out by accident. You can explore 1,016 ratings to see whether it meets your needs.

Benefits of Buying a Galaxy S9 Wallet Case

Samsung Pay, Venmo, Paypal. There are so many options to use mobile payment systems instead of cash or cards. Do you need a wallet today at all? The pandemic has shown people have to switch from physical stores and cash to electronic solutions. As a result, the number of payments with mobile e-Wallets increased from 900 million to 1.48 billion. Mobile wallets account for 25.7% of POS payments and will rise to 33.4% in three years, replacing credit and debit cards.

Large billfolds take space in your pockets. But all you need is a couple of sections to carry your cards. There are some fantastic Samsung Galaxy S9 wallet case alternatives. So why not get rid of unnecessary things in your bag? These cases provide you with storage for essentials, such as cards, ID, and checks. Some of them have room for cash. They also offer the same drop and scratch protection level as any solid defense case.

Wrapping Up

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have adopted the Infinity Display design from their predecessor, S8. This solution still impresses customers. But these phones become more fragile and easy to drop. At the same time, they’re big. So it won’t be convenient to carry them with a wallet in one pocket. The good news is that a wallet phone case can unite separate items.

Do you keep the phone in your bag? A cardholder case will protect it from scratches thanks to the rigid material. These accessories will keep your cards, cash, and ID in one place while safeguarding your Samsung Galaxy S9 from scratches and drops.

The only disadvantage is that they can get bulkier in the pocket due to multiple layers. Put cards inside, and the thickness will increase. However, cardholder cases allow you to ditch your wallet. And it’s a popular phone case style that’s still in demand.

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