Using Logitude Can Improve Your Freight Forwarding Business

Logitude is the ability to feel confident and positive about life. It is a program with a very competent team behind it with some really valuable insight into how to improve your life. Cons. I haven’t come across many complaints about this particular software. Everything that has been said so far has been very positive and optimistic.

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Logitude customization service

There is a logitude customization service that will allow you to do some of the customizations of the software without having to pay for a subscription. This may be the best way to get started with the program. When I started, I just wanted to get some of my experiences as a pilot under my belt. The free trial period was perfect for that goal, plus I figured since I was already logged into this program on a daily basis, I would be more likely to give it a fair shot.

The home business package

The logitude home business package comes with an e-awb account which means you can have one e-awb account per user. This was the first upgrade I wanted to do to my Logitude experience. Now, I’m able to log into my logitude instance wherever I am and see all of my pilots are flying. With my unlimited number of e-awbs, I am able to have access to my logistics regardless of where I am at the time.

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The economy packages

One of the best parts of using logitude for your logistics company is the use of economy packages. This is where they’ll make sure that your customers get the best deals in the market. Economy packages are the last stops before your shipments go to the carrier. If you have good service at these last stops, most carriers will work with you on getting your shipments out to their customers as fast as possible. These are great ways to save money on labor and shipping costs.

The E-mail Interface of the Logitude Program

The e-mail interface of the Logitude program is very similar to the CRM interface. It’s very user-friendly and fast. The interface for customizing the software is available through the main menu. You can add contacts, and create orders, from the same screen. Some other nice features of the Logitude e-mail interface include order reminders, the ability to export data and place them on your excel spreadsheet, and CRM integration.

Once you have logged in to your Logitude world account, you can find a few helpful features in the online store. It’s full of helpful information including online support. You can also access the training videos which walk you through every step. There’s also a comprehensive manual that goes over all the customization of the CRM software.

Logitude World Demo – Business Tools

Feedback After Using Logitude

Using Logitude, I can now save money on transportation costs of all my clients’ shipments. With a complete logistics provider such as Logitude, I no longer need to send shipments to my original client because they are taking advantage of my awb services. I no longer have to worry about them holding shipments overnight because they are only concerned with their own supply chain and they don’t care how I’m doing it. Using it has made my business much more streamlined and efficient than it was before. I am highly satisfied with the entire logisticians’ team that helped me get to where I am today.

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The CRM functionality allows the customer to view their account information, order status, and shipment status all from one screen. Order reminders let the customer know when their orders are on their way, and they can even set to ship by date and time. It’s pretty cool customization of a logistic program like this, especially if you are the owner of logitude world freight forwarding software. I love having my freight company tied together under one roof.

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Logitude is a pioneer in freight forwarding software introducing the first web cloud-based solution for the Freight Forwarding industry. Since the inception of the project, the idea was to enable Freight Forwarders to become digitize in the technology era. Cloud computing allows Forwarders to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give them the flexibility of connecting to their business anywhere, any time.


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Logitude is the first true online freight forwarding software solution! It provides solutions for freight forwarders by combining the power of cloud computing and modern technologies with a deep acquaintance of freight forwarding.


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Logitude World provides freight forwarders with the first true SaaS freight forwarding software solution. Its cloud solution encompasses the latest freight management software for optimal functionality, covering the full freight forwarding lifecycle. The easy-to-use system consists of several freight forwarder software modules. Furthermore, the freight forwarding system enables working on a shipment directly through any of the predefined queries.

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Logitude World Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives

Logitude World provides a cloud-based freight forwarding solution for small to medium local or international, air, ocean, and land freight forwarders. The platform covers the entire freight forwarding lifecycle, from quotes and shipments processing to billing and collection. It incorporates several freight forwarder modules and business tools, including wizards and a personalized workspace.


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