Review on Google PixelBook 12in

Google PixelBook 12in Is a Special Laptop

Google’s latest offering, the Google PixelBook 12in, was launched just a few weeks ago and has been drawing rave reviews. The reason for the rave reviews is simple – it is a powerful laptop that combines style and functionality. Equipped with an advanced dual-core Google Android software engine along with the powerful graphics processing unit, the Google PixelBook 12in has all the necessary ingredients to allow web developers to create eye-catching applications for the Apple iOS devices.

There are many developers who feel that the Apple iPad’s interface does not provide enough options when it comes to creating applications, and the Google PixelBook 12in has been received well by these people because of this. In fact, some people have accused the Apple iPad of being too simple in its approach to creating applications – and the Google PixelBook 12in is the preferred medium for web developers on the go.

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A powerful processor

This laptop is equipped with a powerful dual-core A8 processor, so that performance is fantastic no matter what you do. The Apple iPad has a smaller screen compared to the Google PixelBook 12in’s 12in screen. Despite this, the pixelbook i7 and the Google PixelBook 12in are both extremely portable when it comes to using them in one hand. Both of these laptops have a very nice keyboard with either an electronic pen or a stylus.

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Great experiences when playing games

When it comes to gaming, the Google PixelBook 12in and the Apple iPad have similar features such as high-speed wireless connections and long battery life. However, the difference between the two laptops lies in Google’s superior gaming software programs. The iPhone has a much simpler interface when it comes to gaming. For example, the iPhone has no support for high-definition video, whereas the Google PixelBook 12in go series has full HD support. In addition, the Google device has a better camera than the iPhone, which makes it perfect for professional photographers who need professional results.

The two devices will also differ when it comes to the way apps will load. The iPhone has a much bigger storage capacity, so apps like text messaging and web browsing will be easier on this new laptop. However, if you want to use complex gaming software programs, you should consider buying the Google Chromebook spec. When it comes to media loading, however, this new device wins by a mile.

Strong wireless connection

On the wireless side, the Apple MacBook Air and the Google PixelBook 12in are both excellent. Both devices support wireless 4G technology, which is fantastic for staying connected wherever you are. However, the difference between these two laptops lies in their batteries. The Apple MacBook Air has an extremely long battery life but unfortunately does not charge very quickly. On the other hand, the Google Chromium has a much larger battery but charges much faster – giving you better usage time.

What Makes the Google PixelBook 12in Better than the MacBook Air?

While the battery life might not be as long, it is still superior. With an Intel Core i7 processor, it will boost the performance of your applications considerably. Besides this, both devices also have high-resolution screens. On the Apple MacBook Air, you get a 5-inch screen, but on the Google Pixels, you get a larger 13-inch one.

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This leads to a great argument. If you need more power in your laptop, this laptop of Google will easily win the day, especially if you use more complex software. However, if you are simply using an email application or a simple word processor, the MacBook Air will be your best bet.

Google PixelBook vs MacBook Air


We can draw from the various Asus Zenfone 2 Google specifications that this is a nice laptop. It has all the necessary features that you could possibly need for your gaming laptop. It comes with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, so even if you do not play games, you should be able to run them. If you do play online games, you can also connect to play games over Wi-Fi. It also has two USB ports, so you can connect it to other electronic gadgets as well. It also has a very large battery, which is good for those long gaming sessions.

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