8 Powerful Styles of Writing For Content Marketers

You may wonder what writing style is the most suitable for your business promotion. The question requires an individual approach and market exploration. It depends on what aims you follow, what plan you build, and what value you bring to your customers. To know how much content you need and what this content will be about, you need to clearly understand your brand’s vision—range of services, reviews from clients, comprehensive portfolio, and so on. Promotional content will be useless if there is no proof of your reliability and credibility on the market. 

Foremost, if you want to post high-quality content on your business websites and social media profiles, you must thoroughly select and hire top-notch, experienced content writers. These content makers must know different writing styles, approaches, and elements that make the content valuable and profitable for your business. 

There are numerous online platforms where you can find specialists, like Upwork, Quora, Fiverr, All Top Reviews, and many others. These websites review writing services for each content writer, making the recruitment process much faster and easier. 

In this post, we would like to familiarize you with common but fundamental writing styles for content marketers, which your content managers must be proficient in. The selection of the writing style depends on the industry and specifics of your business.

Writing Style

1. Press release content style

Press release (PR) content entails writing short articles from 400 to 1000 words depending on the website you will publish. PR articles must sound promotional as much as possible, engaging readers’ attention to your brand. However, it should not influence the quality of the content. 

PR content is one of the elements of link building. Link building is looking for trusted partners from the same industry with credible websites, plenty of traffic, and frequent conversion. These websites post your PR posts to promote your content or company by the anchor link. To know how many such posts you need to write and send per month, we recommend consulting on this area with a professional link builder or hiring one for your team. The number of posts you publish depends on your traffic goals and leads per month. Link building is a paid process, so ensure the websites are trusted to avoid wasting money and time. 

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2. Technical content style

Technical content is peculiar for content writers in the IT sector—software development companies and software consulting services. Software topics are different and depend on the specifics of the particular company’s services and blog style. Technical content is used for explaining readers’ and potential customers’ complex subjects in a clear way for everyone. For example, the articles may discuss the popular programming languages used for frontend or backend, the latest trends in UI\UX design, digital business transformation, types of software for businesses, innovations and how they can be implemented, and so on. 

Commonly, technical content is a long-read article with 2000+ words and a clear structure—lots of headings, subheadings, bullets, links to credible sources, and internal links to other website pages. The main task of a content writer is to convert complicated information into simple language, showing the readers the value of your services. Thereby, technical content writers must be aware of the topic they are writing about and explore the area intensely. 

3. Case study content style

A case study is a must-have content for businesses of all industries and directions. To say a few words, what case study is first? A case study or use case is a successfully created and released project in your portfolio. It is not just a title and description. Each of your finished projects requires a separate website-designed page. The page’s design must correlate to the actual case or solution creation. The case study must contain an extended version of the cooperation with your client. It can be the business needs and issues, what solution your team created, how they built the action plan, who was engaged in the process, and how the process has flown.

We recommend describing not only positive moments but also talking about the difficulties you faced on the project and how your team succeeded in struggling with them. This approach will help you prove the reliability of your company and specialists. There is no additional need to promote these pages, as people will easily find all case studies in your online portfolio.

Be creative

4. Social media writing

These days, social media content is considered the best way to promote your brand, communicate with new and regular customers, attract more people to your services, and build friendly relationships with followers. Posting content on the social media profiles of your company should be manageable but follow the precisely built monthly marketing plan. Each social network has to be explored separately, as each has its own requirements and approaches to make the content visible and work profitably for your business.

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For example, Twitter allows several short sentences, but hashtags are more vital than text. Instagram also has text limitations, but adding a simple photo is ineffective. A video tutorial or video appeal would be better. Facebook doesn’t like long texts and requires posting according to a particular schedule (time of the day). Social networks also provide the option of paid advertising simply. You need to adjust the ads to your target audience and choose the number of days you want your content to be promoted. 

5. Email marketing campaign

Email campaigns can still be effective, hot as well as cold. The element that becomes pivotal in the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is the communicative writing style you choose. When writing an email for your regular or potential customers, you need to think of your customer first. What problems do their businesses face at the moment, what do they look for, and explain how your company can help them resolve all these issues. 

You need to select an open and friendly writing style, avoiding the promotional character of your message. The email must be short, informative, and well-structured. Foremost, think of the subject of your message. This is the first thing that attracts recipients. The following vital element is the preview text—the sentence from your main text that will be shown in the inbox folder of your receivers. Talking about the structure, use short sentences with simple words and phrases, highlight the main points and turn them into bullets, leave your contacts, and link to the services you write about. 

6. Brand message writing

The brand message is the core goal and values of your business you want to share with your followers and customers. This short piece of content is responsible for displaying your brand entirely. To deliver a clear position, you need to be aware of what your brand is, what values it brings, what aims and plans you have, and how you see the future of your business. A brand message is a slogan, and it is clear that it consists of several words. For example, famous global brands are recognized by logos or slogans like:

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● Nike — Just Do It

● Samsung — Do what you can’t 

● Apple — Think Different

It has to be catchy, attractive, and valuable for your target audience. It can be a single brand message as well as a set of short messages that correlate to each other and tell customers the story of your business. The success and growth of your business depend on this element of your marketing strategy. 

7. Try non-traditional writing styles like lifestyle

The lifestyle writing style is a new direction in content marketing that continues to gain momentum. If previously, marketing content required a particular structure, following language rules, and avoiding jargon and words we use mostly orally. Currently, people want to read a live text, feeling the attitude and mood of the author. You can write about embarrassing stories with your clients, challenges on the projects, funny stories and facts about your staff, and so on. It would be best if you were open to your readers and customers to provide them with transparency within your company processes. 

8. Content script writing

Content scriptwriting is used for writing scripts for YouTube videos for your brand. You can create a corporate YouTube channel as well as add visual content to the articles on the website blog. All videos you publish have to be related to the subject of the article or posted in the chain of logic if we talk about the YouTube channel. Please think of the creative ideas you can depict in your videos; it has to be more than a simple tutorial. Engage your staff and clients to take part in recordings to make the content attractive and usable. 

Visual content like unique videos is much easier to promote on social media on other platforms. It is optional to read long articles to find the point you want to bring to readers. They can watch the information they are interested in within several minutes, which is effective and time-saving.

content marketing goals

To conclude

According to your business aims, you can boldly use several writing styles for your corporate blogs and social media accounts, depending on the attitude and needs of your customer at the moment. Be ready to adjust your content plan to your followers’ current requirements and global situations that may appear.

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