Video Marketing: Trends and Benefits for Your Social Networks

Video marketing or creating content with video to achieve a number of objectives within your communication strategy is being imposed. It is about introducing video into your content marketing and using it to enrich the communication of your social networks. In this article, I’m going to talk about Video Marketing: Trends And Benefits For Your Social Networks.

The benefits of the video channel in your communication are numerous. And in this post, I want to show them. The message is best remembered when it includes content and image.

Creating them requires a high dose of creativity, little time, and effort. But the results are usually worth it, and nowadays, creating these contents is within reach of almost everyone. Suppose you can also count on a good professional. The results improve exponentially.

Shall we start?

Advantages of using video marketing
Coca-Cola Video Marketing

Video marketing has to incorporate your communication strategies. If you have doubts or have not yet been encouraged, I will try to give you some reasons:

Some data

Some video usage data that can help you decide:

Today, the average user consumes 40 minutes of YouTube videos from their mobile every time they log in. This represents an increase of 50% compared to last year.

In 2021, mobile data traffic will multiply by seven thanks to videos.

And to see the videos that are uploaded to YouTube in just one minute, we would need 300 hours.

The human being retains 10% of what we read or hear, while we keep in our memory 50% of what we see.

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User-friendly content

The video is interactive, and the symbol video is a magnet when it appears in a publication or post. As soon as the eye detects it, the finger will find out what is behind the cover image.

Video viewing and usage times are constantly increasing.

Conversion rates increase

When the message is transmitted via video, the conversion increases. 85% of online buyers prefer pages with video because it helps them make the purchase decision and helps them understand the product or service being offered.

On a landing page, conversions increase if a video is included within the content.

Improve engagement and help SEO

The image, the verbal or embedded messages, the non-verbal communication, the environment, the tone, the music, or the decoration improve the memory of each of your videos and of your brand.

Improve the engagement or commitment of our audience to share or comment.

By extension, it helps our SEO positioning by staying longer on our page, which improves organic traffic on Google. In addition to the positioning achieved by itself with the appropriate keywords in search engines.

Alternative to television and pay-per-view

Today the use of pay-per-view and video viewing platforms on our social networks compete with traditional television in prime time hours.

The image of the family around the TV with tablets or mobiles in the hands of each of its members is not uncommon.

Costs affordable by almost everyone

Producing or creating a video has reduced costs. Nowadays, a very decent production can be done with the latest-generation smartphone or mobile.

From the mobile itself, the initial image and sound are captured, and then there is an app that helps with the editing and post-production of the initial work to give it a more than interesting final finish.

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In addition, today, there are video machines or drones that only require an operator to achieve professional results.

Which Social Networks Should We Use to Create a Video

Once we decided to create a video, which social networks should we focus on. I’ll tell you how it works in each of the main ones:

Video Marketing


Youtube is a video platform. It allows creation and hosting, in addition, to live broadcasting.

Prioritize the unique and exclusive content for the channel we have on YouTube.

About 1 billion hours of viewing of its content are consumed on the platform per day.


His commitment to video is clear. Today, exclusive video content created for Facebook has more views than any other content uploaded to the platform.

At this time, the competition between social networks is very great, and linked content is penalized compared to exclusive content created for that social network.

Within Facebook, we can directly upload exclusive videos. Lately, it also allows fresh content through its stories.

The importance of video is marked by direct entry to Videos on Watch selected by previously consumed content.


Instagram is the social network of the image in essence, and the video has been part of it since its inception.

It supports video with different editing and formatting characteristics both on the wall or feeds up to 1 minute in length, as well as in Stories in 15-second or direct formats or on the IGTV channel for longer and more elaborate videos.

We must take into account the formats: in the feed, it is better in square format. In stories, we should try vertical format, and in IGTV, the vertical format also fits better.

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Lately, we can send to the feed an extract of the videos that we upload to IGTV to find more audience.


One of the questions we get asked most often is in regard to how to write an effective Twitter bio. More specifically, “how do I write a Twitter bio to get people to want to follow me?” You can check Ship 30 for 30 to learn more about this topic

Twitter has just changed access to its camera in recent days by publishing each new tweet to favor the inclusion of images and videos.

As of now, Twitter users see a new camera interface in the app, which allows you to post photos and videos with tweet text superimposed on top. 

The overall effect makes the images shared on Twitter look a bit more like what you would see on Snapchat or Instagram Stories, and you can take out the new camera by swiping to the left, similar to how you do in other apps.


LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, is targeting live broadcasts. In this way, it imitates its competitors, such as Facebook Live or Periscope, in the case of Twitter or even Instagram Live broadcasts.

The professional platform launches LinkedIn Live, its own live video streaming service.

In principle, it is in the testing phase in the US, and we hope that it will soon be accessible by all users of the social network because it changes the way of communicating.

So far, the network allows you to post videos between your publications.

At Last

Tell me how you have included the video in your social networks? Do not hesitate to tell us your ideas to continue improving the blog content.

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