How to Choose the Best Ski Resort?

Are you a demanding skier or snowboard lover when choosing your ski resort? Or right now and after the last snowfalls you are hesitating between several stations and you don’t know which one to choose? If so, this post on our blog will clear up all your doubts, because we bring you explained with hair and signs the best way to choose where to go skiing by taking a quick look: state of the slopes in real time, ranking of the stations with more snow, weather forecast … Yes, yes, everything prepared, chewed and detailed for you through the following lines.

By the way, before you start, you should know that you will find all the information about snow in the section “ Useful information on our website, as we told you in one of our previous posts .

Useful ski information

But no, this is not what we are going to talk about today. This time we wanted to go one step further and introduce you to some utilities on the Unique Holiday Home that you probably didn’t know about and that can make your life a lot easier whenever you want to know more about the number of skiable kilometers of each ski resort, the stations with the most open slopes according to their level of difficulty or those ski destinations with the most accumulated snow. Yes, we know that this last piece of information can be one of the most desirable to see, right?😉

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1. Top ski resorts with the most open slopes

In the section “ Status of the best ski resort ” on our website, you will find a classification of the resorts according to the number of open slopes, and by levels of difficulty! This type of classification can be very useful, whether you are a new skier, or if you are one of those who dare with any inclination. With just one click, you can find out which stations have the lowest, medium, and high-level tracks open. In case it is not clear, here is an example of what this ranking looks like :

2. Top stations with the most skiable kilometers

If you are one of those who does not care where to go skiing while there are miles and miles of white blanket ahead, this is your ranking. You will find it just below the previous one and with all the information related to the ski resorts in St. Moritz.

3. Top ski destinations with the most accumulated snow

Yes, this ranking is juicy, and even more so if the ski season has just started, right? The fear that there is not enough snow to ski is over, because, with this classification of the stations, ordered by the amount of accumulated snow, you can easily see the ski destinations with the most white powder on the slopes. But be careful, because you will find this ranking in our webcam section, where you can also see the stations live. Ideal to satisfy your curiosity about the snow that has fallen in the seasons, right?

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4. Top ski resorts best rated by skiers

And if you liked the previous rankings, you will surely find this one even more interesting. On the main page of our website, you will find one of the most useful classifications for your trip to the snow: it is the ratings of the ski destinations that you will find only on These evaluations are made thanks to the responses of our customers, since they, once they return from their trips, answer our survey and send us their impressions, evaluating the ski resort in which they have skied.

For all the surveys received, we collect them one by one and show them in their corresponding section, since we also carry out surveys about our hotels, activities, or ski equipment stores. In this way, on our website you can have first-hand information and from clients like you, with the difference that they have been to that ski destination or that specific hotel.

From we must admit that we love receiving your opinions and seeing how you have enjoyed the snow (and yes … sometimes, we get a little healthy envy). So and having said all this, do not think about it. If you want to be safe, let yourself be advised by other skiers and snowboarders thanks to their opinions and ratings of the ski resorts.

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