10 Best Online Grocery Apps Serving in Pakistan during COVID

E-commerce has obtained over every inch of our time now, then why not. It a dream got true to get your grocery done while visiting in bed? InsoCity is the best online grocery delivery management application with real-time delivery services based in Pakistan. Many applications providing grocery delivery services at your doorstep.

Indeed, there are very few E-marts delivering all across Pakistan, and I present you with the best online grocery stores to order from all across Pakistan. Get ready to sit back, relax and do your grocery shopping!

Stores have been added to the list serving groceries in Pakistan during the quarantine; considering the COVID-19 situation, get your grocery done in the quarantine. Due to the high load, but your products will get delivered; stay calm! Stay home, stay safe!

Best Online Grocery Stores in Pakistan

1. InsoCity Food Delivery & Home Services Application

Insocity is an online delivery management application based in Lahore. Their grocery delivery service is excellent, and services providers reach your doorstep in less than 15 minutes. Users can order grocery items, medicine items, and fast food items online in less than 15 minutes. Download the application from the Google Play Store & IOS store. 

Shop Grocery items Online in Pakistan from InsoCity here.

2. QnE- Simplifying Lives

QnE serves the complete range of groceries and a variety of other things at your doorstep. This is an official but trusted E-mart for Pakistan & offer the best quality products of a wide variety at the best rates, topped up with amazing discount offers on and off. 

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Grocery shopping online, you can also get various products from FashionFashion, tablets & mobiles, entertainment, beauty, computing, & grooming, home appliances, stationery, makeup and much more. It is the Best Online Grocery store in Pakistan, in my opinion. But InsoCity is the best online ordering platform in Pakistan.

3. DMart

Draz is known for its wide range of products supplied all over Pakistan, but did you know that Draz also has a specialty online grocery store? You will find high-quality, original brands and a wide range of products at Depart. They supply all over Pakistan and do business in good quality, authentic and affordable products with many special offers and deal

4. Yayvo Superstore

Yayo.com is Pakistan’s best online grocery store serving all over Pakistan. Yiwu is known for its quality products and is trusted by its online customers who like to have their rental equipment in the comfort of their own homes. Yewo delivers everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to shampoos and cleaners to your doorstep. Order everything you need from Yiwu and have it delivered all over Pakistan.

In addition to grocery shopping, you can find everything from FashionFashion, mobile and tablet, entertainment, computing, beauty and grooming, makeup, home appliances, stationery and more.

5. Naheed.pk

Naheed is a very good and reliable e-mart doing the best service just for you at your doorstep all over Pakistan. Naheed۔Pk offers a full range of grocery products at the best prices, high-quality brands, original products, fast delivery and discounts from Jaws!

You can also get various products from Fashion, mobiles phones, beauty & grooming, makeup and much more.

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6. Al-Fatah

Al-Fattah is a trusted grocery store in Pakistan, and to meet your quarantine needs, they have recently shifted online. Al-Fatah is currently serving only in limited areas of Lahore. Order your grocery online from Al-Fatah in Lahore and stay at home during quarantine 19.

7. Metro

Metro is a big shopping site. If you wish to order anything online in Lahore, visit Metro. In these covid times, Metro online shopping mart offers you a chance to donate a relief hamper of groceries and necessities to those who cannot afford them due to coronavirus. Shop safe and help others. Pakistan needs Pakistanis.

Shop Grocery items Online In Pakistan From Metro.

8. Jalal Sons

Jalal Sons is a very outstanding and grocery store in Pakistan that just started delivering, considering the current situation regarding the COVID-19. Deliver groceries and products from Jalal sons to ensure the safe delivery of your necessities at home.

Shop Grocery Online In Pakistan From Jalal Sons.

9. Kalyana.pk

Kalyana. Pk is a mega online shopping brand serving the best products online to Pakistan. You can order groceries online in Pakistan from Keryana. Pk and stay home stay safe.

Shop Grocery Online In Pakistan From Keryana.

10. HowMuch.Pk

HowMuch.pk is another online shopping grocery store in Pakistan. You can order groceries items online from the comfort of your home at good prices and even discounts on the total bill. Give it a try too, and you might like their service.

I hope you find these best online grocery shopping sites for Pakistan useful, and they help you cater to your shopping list with the best of comfort during corona-wave! Please make sure that you keep your social distance from the rider, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds after handling the products, eat some eatable fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly, and use sterilizing spray-on packed products.

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