How is Expat Life in Bucharest?


Bucharest is the capital of Romania and a commercial center. It is also ranked first among the Romanian counties. Its architecture has a touch of the historical, communist, and modern eras. This Romania’s largest city awaits huge convention facilities, educational organization, cultural spots, conventional ‘shopping arcade,’ and recreational spaces. You will also get hot, humid sunny days along with snowy winters.

How is Expat Life in Bucharest?

However, those pieces of information are not enough to know if you want to experience expat life in Bucharest. There are many services like case Bucuresti (houses Bucharest) which can assist you with housing plans. Are you ready to get a real virtual tour of life outside Bucharest? Let’s dive into it. Stick till the end.


If you are in Bucharest, you should reserve the highest amount of money only for living expenses. That is because most of the apartments are old (soviet style) in Bucharest. You will love it!

As living inside the city is expensive, you may have to pay approximately 400 – 500 euros for a one-bedroom apartment. On the contrary, you may need to pay around 250 – 350 euros for the same apartment type for living outside the city center. You can get a taste of royal life if you live near Hilton Hotel, Royal Palace, and the Romanian Athenaeum.


The cost of utilities depends on where you choose to live, suburbs or city center. As mentioned before, living in the city is expensive most of the time. An average household may cost around 80-90 euros in Bucharest. 

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Taxi is the most common transportation in Bucharest. Moreover, it is the cheapest if your concern is the cost. Except that, you will explore all kinds of transportation systems there. Railway, roads, water, and air, all four are open for you. Of course, if you prefer driving, you can take a long drive there too. 

The public transport cost there is pretty low. So, you can pooh-pooh that tension. However, if you opt-out of a taxi, If you follow the way from the airport to the downtown, it may cost you around 15 to 25 euro. Pay attention to the meter of taxis in case of renting a taxi. Otherwise, scammers may scam you. The average taxi rate is reckoned on per kilometer. 

Professional Experience

You will require a work permit to have a job in Bucharest. When you are a non-EU or EEA candidate, a work visa is a must for applying for different positions. Other than that, work options are plenty in Bucharest. You may discover more work opportunities in Bucharest than in your home country. That might be because of the benefits offered by Western business or by English language skills.


Schooling can vary from very cheap to extremely expensive. You may have to bear the expenditure of bus fare, lunch, and uniforms. So, we advise you to learn about all the costs of attendance before enrolling in a school. These concerns will matter if you are shifting with your whole family there. Lastly, Romanians are proud to have so many international schools there.

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Cultural Activities and Aspects

Bucharest’s cultural scenes will give you an ambivalent feeling of Romanian and international culture. Although its growing culture consists of visual arts, performing arts, and nightlife, there is an essence of positivity in the Roman lifestyle. People are prospective and looking towards the future. These specialties are found in their cultural events also.


Who doesn’t love food? While traveling to a new place, you don’t want to miss the golden opportunity of trying their food. You will get foods like mititei (grilled meat), soups, Sarmale (cabbage leaves dish), and “Mămăligă” (a dish of corn served with cheese and sour cream). If you are a fan of desserts, Bucharest is for you. A variety of desserts are available here. 


Almost 90% of the population speaks Romanian. The influence of the Slavic language is also noteworthy. You might be pondering about the language barrier while doing business, office work. The fantastic news is the office will scarcely urge you to speak Romanian. Most of them are done in English. With that being said, knowing Romanian can work as a plus point for you.

The Old City Center

Enchanting and considered a vacationer magnet, the Old City Center is loaded up with bars, cafés, clubs, and stores in wonderful old structures. I love it there and the costs are not enormous at all for a touristy region.

You will likewise track down some noteworthy attractions nearby, so this is unquestionably the spot to be in.

Lamentably, the state of numerous structures there isn’t that incredible and some are really viewed as perilous and in danger of imploding on account of a quake, however, that is the place where all the appeal of the city is and it ought to be the primary spot you visit when you come here.

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Before shifting or traveling to a new place, it’s always a good idea to learn about that place. Whether or are planning on shifting or just visiting Bucharest, you should know the above information. In that way, you will not feel alienated after arriving at that spot. You will never regret having a trip to Bucharest. Whatever you do, keep the above points in mind. Happy journey!

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